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30/05/2022 - 16:39

Telling cultural stories via products

Within the framework of Vietnam Summer Fair 2022, on the morning of May 29, the Provincial Development Research Institute held the discussion sessions on “Culture Agency in the cultural industry” and “Communication of images positioning Vietnamese culture”.

The speakers sharing about the start-up process in the cultural sector

With the participation of business founders in the cultural sector, the program discussed the role of culture agency in the cultural industry, thereby contributing to the positioning of national culture.

Culture agency are storytellers about culture via products. Vietnamese cultural materials are diverse and rich enough for culture agencies to create their own narratives without worrying about competition.

With the special feature of a socially responsible business owning a passion for culture, national identity and a desire to develop and spread those values ​​with a creative ego, culture agency has contributed to the positioning of national culture through diverse forms of expression. It is one of the indispensable factors when you want to develop the cultural industry.

The speakers also shared about the story of promoting Vietnamese heritage culture, their ways to affirm their love for Vietnamese culture and their desire to position their homeland culture via products, as well as the challenges and opportunities as a culture agency, etc.

With the theme “Communication of images positioning Vietnamese culture”, the guests who are directors and actors also brought to the session the perspectives and feelings of film industry people on the direction of spreading the values ​​of Vietnamese traditional culture via entertainment transmission, such as movies, advertisements, MVs, etc.

By Minh Hien