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16/04/2019 - 16:02

Telling stories of seeds with sculpture

On the afternoon of April 14, New Space Arts Foundation (Hamlet 3, Lai The Hamlet, Phu Thuong, Phu Vang) opened the “seeds” exhibition Le Ngoc Thai, the sculptor, (a person whose hometown is Quang Binh and is living in Hue).

“Seeds” is the first personal exhibition of sculptor Le Ngoc Thai, which takes him 10 years to create

The exhibition introduces to viewers 33 sculptural works made of various materials such as wood, iron, aluminum, paper, and plastic, etc., which are created by Le Ngoc Thai for 10 years. This is the story telling about the movement of “seeds” and its vitality in all things since the moment it is sown to the ground until it grows up and finds out the light of life. 

Seeds are the source of living which is changing vigorously in the wheel of life. Life has given you and me the seeds. Let’s sow it on every step of the way we go. One day, it will spring up the sweet love and happiness, etc.  This is the message that sculptor Le Ngoc Thai wants to convey to the viewers through the exhibition.

Le Ngoc Thai was born in 1974 and graduated from the Hue College of Arts – Hue University. In terms of sculpture, he has got certain particular achievements. In 2008, he won a prize with the work “A pain” at the art exhibition of the Northern Central region held by the Vietnam Fine Arts Association. Furthermore, he also won the A prize with the work “Revival” in 2009. In 2010, his artwork “Glass effect” was awarded the consolation prize at the nationwide art exhibition.

The exhibition takes place until May 14.

Story, photo: Trang Hien