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16/09/2017 - 16:35

Thailand hot movie to be screened in Hue

Bad Genius - a Thailand film that has just been launched and has caused a fever in this country - was chosen to open the 16th New York Asian Film Festival.

Poster of "Bad Genius". Photo: Gold Poster

Bad Genius is screened at the cinemas in Hue from September 15th - 29th. The film is set in a high school in Thailand; the main plot focuses on the pressure of examinations and homework that the main characters face daily. Lynn – a mathematical genius organizes a "mission" to make money from cheating on the exams to pay tuition. She is called "master" because she can cheat a lot of teachers, successfully implementing many missions. However, her most difficult task is to pass the STIC exam in Australia and inform the answers to her friends in her hometown. The film not only speaks directly about cheating, but also about the rich and the poor in society through humorous and young characters.

By Phuoc Ly