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09/02/2021 - 16:55

Thanh Toan Tiled roof Bridge reopens

“The restoration of Thanh Toan Tiled roof Bridge has basically been completed. We are currently waiting for handover and to officially put it into use,” said Mr. Vo Ngoc Thanh - Director of Construction Project Management Board of Huong Thuy Town.

Thanh Toan Tile Bridge’s restoration process has basically been completed

The restoration commenced on April 1, 2020 and was expected to be completed by the end of February 2021. A project to preserve, restore and embellish the national level historic site of Thanh Toan tiled roof Bridge was approved by the Provincial People Committee, with funding of more than 10 billion VND. The investor was the Management Board of Construction Investment in Huong Thuy Town.

During the construction process, the related units dismantled the whole structure, fortified the iron construction work, poured reinforced concrete for the foundation and bridge abutment...

After assessing the current status of wooden structures in accordance with the standards, regulations and principles of conservation, the construction unit undertook to renovate and restore the system of flooring and the main frame structures made of ironwood (columns, trusses, crosses, railings, sitting platforms...); to restore the Thanh Luu Ly enamel tube roofing system; and to decorate the system of roof, eaves, compartments and ridges with mounted porcelain and etc. according to traditional technology.

The bridge was built in 1776 in the style of "thượng gia hạ kiều" (on top is the house, and the lower part is the bridge). It was recognized as a national monument in July 1990. The bridge is 17m in length and 4m in width. On both sides of the bridge, there are two rows of wooden platforms and railings to sit on. The bridge has a roof made of glazed pipe tiles and is divided into 7 compartments.

In addition to cultural and historical values, Thanh Toan Tile Bridge also has "task" of welcoming many passers-by on the bridge, especially during holidays and festivals ... Therefore, this restoration had 2 goals: ensuring safety for passers-by on the bridge and increasing durability by at least 30-40 years.

Currently, people and tourists can visit and circulate on Thanh Toan Tiled roof Bridge.

Below are some images during the restoration and assembly of Thanh Toan Tiled roof Bridge:

The dismantling of Thanh Toan Tiled roof Bridge commenced on 1/4/2020

In addition to restoration, a number of wooden structures with unsecured cross-section compared to the original cross-section due to rot have been replaced

The wooden structures are preserved against termites and painted with traditional paint

Pouring reinforced concrete for the foundation and bridge abutments

The porcelain and mosaic tiles are made by skilled craftsmen

During the restoration process, there had been times when the construction crew constantly encountered bad weather, making the restoration a challenge

During the renovation, the place of worship for Mrs. Hoang Thi Dao inside the bridge - who made great contributions to the construction of Thanh Toan tiled roof bridge - was painted with solemn gilded lacquer

The pair of verse lines, decorative porcelain details and the entire color of the building have been restored to their original image with traditional paint ...

At night, Thanh Toan Tiled roof Bridge is even more eye-catching thanks to its lantern decoration and artistic lighting system

Story and photos: Han Dang