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05/10/2020 - 21:56

That day Runner-up of "The Way to Mount Olympia" at present

Successfully defending a doctoral thesis in Japan at the age of 32, Nguyen Nguyen Thai Bao, who won the second prize in the finale of the Way to Mount Olympia 2004, and champion of "Golden Bell Challenge” nationwide by VTV3, in 2009, returned to work as a lecturer and doctor at the Department of Surgery, Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Hue University.

Dr. Nguyen Nguyen Thai Bao (right) with the surgical team

Being close to patients

I learn about the return of the champion Nguyen Nguyen Thai Bao through the introduction of Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Khoa Hung, Vice Rector of Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Director of Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital.

Assoc. Prof. Hung expressed his pride in Dr. Bao. "If not because of the COVID-19 epidemic, Dr. Thai Bao would have attended National Youth Science and Technology Conference for Medical and Pharmaceutical Universities and Colleges organized by the Ministry of Health and the Central Youth Union in Hanoi," said Assoc. Prof. Hung.

Talking about young doctor Thai Bao, Nguyen Phat, a patient, (83 years old) smiled brightly. Mr. Phat was old, having his old wound re-operated, so he was very worried when he was hospitalized. However, his worries quickly disappeared thanks to young doctor Thai Bao’s considerate behaviour and gestures.

Mr. Phat shared: "Doctor Bao asked me lots of questions and nicely talked to me during the time I was admitted to the hospital for surgery, so I was no longer worried".

According to Thai Bao, being considerate and close to the patient is his professional ethical principle instilled in him by his respectable father, who is also a doctor, and teachers in his university.

That continued to be fostered during his 4 years as a PhD candidate at the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Hamamatsu University, School of Medicine, Japan. According to Thai Bao, if doctors spent their time getting to know the patients, they could calm their patients, gaining trust and cooperation in the treatment process.

"Knowing the patient well, the doctor can apply more psychological measures in treating the disease," Dr. Bao said.

Dr. Nguyen Nguyen Thai Bao (second from the left) with Japanese professors

Study various updated techniques

Winning the Champion of "Golden Bell Challenge" as a 5th year student, but until after the graduation and becoming the lecturer (at Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy), Thai Bao used the award to join the training course in New Zealand. It was also the time he "hunted" for PhD scholarship.

In 2015, Bao passed many competitive rounds to receive a full scholarship from the Government of Japan for a 4-year doctoral program at Hamamatsu University, School of Medicine.

With the desire to achieve more than a doctoral degree in the country of the rising sun, instead of completing the prescribed 4-year study program, Thai Bao endeavored to complete in more than 2 years. In the remaining time, he participated in difficult surgeries with leading experts and in medical researches to learn more from experienced professors, accessing updated techniques in specialized surgery.

Being determined to return to the country with more contribution after completing the doctoral program, during the research process at Hamamatsu University, School of Medicine, Thai Bao always chose suitable and essential research topics that can be implemented in Vietnam. First, he chose the topic "Methods of determining Bone Mineral Density based on X-ray images".

Thai Bao explained that with this topic, doctors can use X-rays of patients to measure the level of osteoporosis and the risk of fractures due to osteoporosis instead of using DEXA which is expensive, currently very limited in Vietnam and many other countries in the world.

With this topic, Thai Bao was admitted to attend the Orthopedics Medical Conference in USA, then had his publication on the journal of the Korean Orthopedics Association. This topic also helped him win the first prize at Vietnam – Japan Science and Technology Symposium.

In addition, he researched the topic "3D Rendering in Joint Movement Simulation on Human Body", helping the doctor with more accurate diagnosis from a 3D visualization model instead of just an X-ray film like before when performing hip surgery. With that study, Thai Bao was also admitted to participate in the report presentations at the International Orthopedic Conference in the US; and this technique has started to be initially applied in Vietnam.

Dr. Nguyen Nguyen Thai Bao examining the patient

Inspiring students

Speaking of the two previous awards in the time being a student, Thai Bao shared that he did not recognize them as pressure, but telling himself to always try to achieve more accomplishment in his chosen field.

Currently, he is flexibly applying new and modern techniques that he has learnt into practice and developing skills in every operation. After each case, whether being the chief surgeon or assisting surgeon, Dr. Thai Bao records all processes for self-assessment and professional improvement in orthopedic and trauma surgery.

Inspiring and always reminding students to ask more questions about the knowledge conveyed by the teacher, from which they would gain deeper understanding and additional information, was the teaching method that Dr. Thai Bao has chosen as a lecturer.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Nghi Thanh Nhan, Head of the Department of Surgery, Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy shared: “The research topics of Dr. Nguyen Nguyen Thai Bao was highly applicable, in line with current and future trends in the field of orthopedics and trauma that developed countries in the world are also aiming at”.

Currently, Dr. Thai Bao is flexibly applying his research projects to treat patients in practical conditions in Vietnam. In addition to that, the professional knowledge, working style, the necessary qualities and features of a teacher and doctor are also manifested by Dr. Thai Bao in medical examination and treatment as well as in teaching activity and scientific research.

Story, photos: HAI THUAN