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23/12/2020 - 20:10

The beauty of Cau Hai Lagoon through the lens of the photographer Khang Chu Long 

The real name of Khang Chu Long is Nguyen Dang Viet. He is in the 8X generation and being a member of the Vietnam – Soviet Cultural Palace photography club, Hanoi.

The sunrise on Lap An  Lagoon

As an extrovert, he has set his foot on 20 nations. With the passion for photography, he has captured a great number of impressive moments in the places he has been to. In 2020, in the contests "Moments of Love", "Four Seasons lifestyle", the photo contest "Vietnam Tourism", and other regional photo competitions, some of his photos were chosen to be exhibited and awarded. Khang Chu Long's works are highly recognized by the national and international public as a way to promote the beautiful images of Vietnam to the world.

Khang Chu Long said that he has been to Hue several times. However, his feelings are always great when he captures the beautiful scenes of the ancient capital. His favorite place is Cau Hai Lagoon (Phu Loc district). This place has so many beautiful landscapes and it is not exaggerated to call it a masterpiece of nature. The people there are rustic, sincere, and hospitable.

Setting his foot on Cau Hai Lagoon early in the morning and finishing setting up the tripod was also the moment when the sun started rising. He was truly satisfied by the majestic beauty, as well as the scenery and the vibrant colors of this place. The boats were on the way to arrive at a dock. The sound of laughter and calling seemed like the signals for a bumper day.

Khang Chu Long shared that even when he returned to Hanoi, his heart still remained in Hue. It prompted him to come back to this poetic land of Huong Ngu soon.

Together with Thua Thien Hue Online, let's enjoy some pictures taken by Khang Chu Long at Lap An lagoon:

The bustling lifestyle of the watery area

Cloudy sky beautifies the beauty of Cau Hai


Seafood is sold right after being fished

Holding market right by the lagoon

On the shore, grandmother and her niece are mending the net together

The picturesque scene through the lens of Khang Chu Long

By Thua Thien Hue Online