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21/02/2022 - 07:18

The ‘broad-opening’ ways

The highways of La Son - Tuy Loan and Cam Lo - La Son, which have been under construction, not only satisfy expectations but also create premises and opportunities for Thua Thien Hue to develop strongly.

The highway segment La Son - Tuy Loan through  Nam Dong, abutting Da Nang

In 2013, Hue people rejoiced at the embarkment of construction of La Son - Tuy Loan highway .  During this time, more than 550 households were affected by the acquisition of more than 100 hectares of land in Nam Dong district, over which about 300 kilometers of the highway crossed.

At that time, Mr. Tran Quoc Phung, Chairman of the People's Committee of Nam Dong district, pledged to mobilize all resources for intensive site clearance within the shortest time for the highway to go through. Up to now, the La Son - Tuy Loan highway has been completed like a "train" crossing the mountains and the flat road surface through the green forests making the distance between Hue and Da Nang shorter.

The roads and alleys from Khe Tre town to the centers of commune clusters are now spacious, decent, and clean. The La Son - Tuy Loan highway “leaning against” Nam Dong has dispelled any thoughts about distances.

Accompanying the experience on the La Son - Tuy Loan highway, Mr. Le Thanh Ho, Vice Chairman of Nam Dong District People's Committee, said, given the strengths and potentials of the locality, the construction of La Son - Tuy Loan highway was like a "lever" for Nam Dong and neighboring localities to have development momentum.

It is great that now the distance from Nam Dong to Hue or to Da Nang city is reduced by 2/3 compared to the former route. Vehicles from different places move, and goods are exchanged more conveniently on a shorter transportation journey. Many investors have come to start investing in the fields of tourism, services, processing industry, etc.

La Son - Tuy Loan highway joining the boulevard through Khe Tre town (Nam Dong)

Currently, Huong Hoa Industrial Cluster has an occupancy rate of 80%; among which there are many large enterprises such as KimSora (Da Nang City) investing in the production of masks, creating stable jobs for more than 600 employees; SoChi enterprise investing in producing mesh braids for export and a company produces wood chips, etc.

This is the motivation for the locality to continue to complete the infrastructure system at Huong Hoa Industrial Cluster (20 hectares) and Huong Phu Industrial Cluster (50 hectares) to attract investors in the coming time.

At one end of La Son - Tuy Loan highway in Loc Son commune (Phu Loc), joining National Highway 1A, which used to be “quiet”, has now changed into a new town. La Son Industrial Park located near the commune are also ready for many new investment opportunities.

Mr. Do Ngoc Lanh, Chairman of Loc Son Commune People's Committee (Phu Loc), informed that Loc Son had a plan to embellish road infrastructure, create a land fund in the east and west to establish new residential areas, making it a town at the northern gateway of Phu Loc with the two-pronged economic development strategy, including services and industry.

From one end of the highway, going along the National Highway 1A a few kilometers willlead one to Phu Bai Industrial Park and Phu Bai International Airport. Along with this, about 10km along Thuy Phu - Vinh Thanh Boulevard ,which has just been completed, to Phu Da Industrial Park and sea tourism services centers on the other shore of Tam Giang lagoon.

Besides contributing to reducing the load of National Highway 1A through Thua Thien Hue, La Son - Tuy Loan highway also has a mission to aid the province with major projects. Recently, the province has decided to establish three more industrial zones. One of these is Phu Bai Industrial Park (Huong Thuy), located near La Son - Tuy Loan highway, which is under stage IV, phase 1 of construction with an area of ​​about 85.87 haand the capital of more than 127 billion dong. Besides, Gilimex Industrial Park, as part ofPhu Bai Industrial Park (Huong Thuy), covers an area of ​​more than 460 ha and the capital of about 2,614 billion.

As a component in the socio-economic development and attraction of new investment waves, Cam Lo - La Son highway going through four localities, including Phong Dien, Huong Tra, Hue city, and Huong Thuy, with a length of more than 62km, is on its accelerating way to completion. This route joins La Son - Tuy Loan highway, creating the first trans-Vietnam highway.

As President Nguyen Xuan Phuc said when he was a Prime Minister at the groundbreaking ceremony of this highway late 2019, this is a boulevard promoting socio-economic development for provinces and localities on the highway routes; especially it helps Thua Thien Hue exchange and circulate goods conveniently with other provinces and cities in the region and the two other regions of the country, which has long faced many obstacles.

La Son Industrial Park located next to one end of La Son - Tuy Loan Highway

Cam Lo - La Son highway crossing Phong My (Phong Dien) more than 12km now in shape at the sprinting stage. Mr. Ta Gia Minh Hung, Head of management office of project 2 - Ho Chi Minh Road Project Management Board, which is the Investor of Cam Lo - Tuy Loan Highway, informed that on the completion of the project, Phong My will be the the transit point the vehicles going between the highway and the center of Phong Dien district and Hue cityor other places along routes TL11B, TL6 and TL9.

It is about 8 km to reach Phong Dien Industrial Park if taking the route TL9. From here, the 16.25km route Phong Dien - Dien Loc, , which is under phase 2 of the construction, leads to Dien Loc, a specialized seaport area, creating a chain of services and commerce linking the mountains and the plains to the sea.

At the opportunities being created, Phong My, Phong Xuan and Phong An have planned freight transshipment centers associated with commercial service areas based on the axis route system of the highway. An obvious change in Phong My is that many young people have decided to start up  businesses in their homeland.

Vo Thuy Hien grew up in a disadvantaged area in ​​Phong My,and after many years of hard work abroad, she has now returned to her hometown to settle down. On her return, seeing that the roads were open, Hien bought a small piece of land by TL9 route, about 300 meters from the highway intersection, to open a restaurant and a café. 

Thuy Hien thought “No business, no wealth”. The income from the restaurant business is quite good. With acumen in doing business, Hien is planning to continue running a petrol station business in this area.

The representative of the Ho Chi Minh Highway Project Management Board, on his trip to examine the construction of the La Son - Tuy Loan highway for acceptance beforeputting it into use, emphasized that the highways will bring obvious socio-economic effects.

Take Cau Gie - Ninh Binh highway for example.Prior to 2010, when it had not been put into operation, Ha Nam province had only two industrial parks. Ha Nam has been one of the top 10 provinces attracting the largest FDI in the country, so far. Similarly, Noi Bai - Lao Cai highway, after only a year of being put into operation, the GDP of Lao Cai province increased to VND 3,500 billion.

The construction of Hanoi - Hai Phong highway has created a land fund of more than 50,000 hectares around the area to serve economic development. Hai Phong's total budget revenue from nearly VND 63,000 billion in 2016 has increased to more than VND 84,000 billion in 2020.

Story and photos: Minh Van