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12/05/2019 - 15:38

The contest "Business Innovation Hackathon" 2019 launched

This activity was organized by Hue University on the morning of May 11, which attracted the participation of 19 teams with a total of 95 students from nine member universities and affiliated faculties of Hue University.

The teams exchange and discuss the issues offered by the organizing board

Each team participating in the contest has five members. After receiving the themes offered by the organizing board, the members of each team will work together for 24 hours to resolve the issues raised by the organization board.

This is the second time Hue University organized this contest. In comparison with the contest held last year, the number of student teams participating in the contest this year is larger.

According to the representative of Hue University Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the purpose of this contest is to build and develop the creative and innovative thinking for students, create the environment for students to experience in the simulated business environment, and offer solutions as a sample version on paper. After that, these solutions will be chosen by Hue University to support the incubation and implementation in real life.

The representative of C.P. Vietnam Corporation presents sponsorship to the representative leader of Hue University

On this occasion, C.P. Vietnam Corporation has funded VND 100 million for activities supporting entrepreneurship at Hue University in 2019.

Representative of the business also affirmed that they would accompany Hue University in the activities of employment and entrepreneurship of students in the coming time.

Story and photos: M. Tam