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21/12/2019 - 07:34

The convergence of typical works

Making its debut on the occasion of the Vietnam Fine Arts Day, the art exhibition at the College of Fine Arts, Hue University, December 10-18, is the place for typical works of artists during the past year of creative work.

“The Sunlight in the Backyard” by Pham Hoang Anh

Forty-eight works by 48 artists were displayed at the exhibition, which is a convergence of various art forms, including painting, graphics and sculpture, as well as different art materials such as acrylic, oil on canvas, lacquer, wood sculpture, pen-nib, aqua-print, truc-chi art, composite terracotta, etc. The exhibition not only has a variety of materials and visual techniques, but it also shows a diversity in styles, from abstract and semi-abstract to stereoscopic, impressive, expressive and even realistic styles.

Centering on the ordinary people’s simple daily life, the works show the beauty of visual art in contents, layouts, techniques and materials, which brings to viewers aesthetic feelings and, accordingly, an overview of the contemporary fine arts in Thua Thien Hue.

The works selected for the annual awards of the Fine Arts Association, nominated for the Awards of Thua Thien Hue Literature and Arts or accredited for creative support all show their maturity.

With the bright color of the sunlight, Nguyen Duc Huy’s acrylic work “The Garden of Nature” attracts the viewers with a beautiful fresh garden. In the garden, the innocent young girls are playing the musical instruments made from flowers and leaves. Feeling with a deep soul, the viewers will hear the rustling sound of the breeze, the melodious sound of music or the chirping sound of the birds in the garden.

Nguyen Duc Huy (artist) said that the work is part of the collection “The Garden of Nature” consisting of 20 paintings he made recently. Inspired by nature, this series of works brings the viewers back to the peaceful life in the countryside, where the flowers and the dew drops on the branches also ease people’s souls from the busy life. The work also conveys the message of preserving the natural landscape and protecting green spaces during urbanization.

“Storm” by Nguyen Van Tho

“The Sunlight in the Backyard” by Pham Hoang Anh is another painting on the theme of nature that has made strong impression on the viewers thanks to its implied love. Regardless of the familiar theme and material, the painting shows the maturity in the use of colors and techniques. It is not something sublime; it is the simple corner of the garden that brings the tranquility and freshness to the viewers while admiring.

Depicting his own mother, the sculptor Nguyen Van Tho’s “Storm” made of composite material is a beautiful work of art language, composition and visualization, giving the viewers a special feeling about a hard-working mother. The statue shows an old mother tiring from the hard work of raising and rearing children. The mother’s hardship is boldly depicted on her face through each wrinkle. Her life is also connected with the image of a hurricane lamp, symbolizing the storms of life that she has experienced and overcome. It is also a light for the children’s life.

As a participant in the exhibition, the sculptor Le Ngoc Thai has the work “The Moving Particle” displayed. The work of soldering iron material tells the story of life cycle, the movement and the vitality of the “particles” in the hearts of all things through the art of sculpture. Being more symbolic than realistic, “The Moving Particle” represents a sprout vigorously striving in the hash of the environment.

Despite a moderate space, the fine art exhibition attracts many generations of artists, from very experienced to newly-joined members of the Fine Art Association. With a variety of visualization methods and themes, the exhibition is a convergence of typical nuances of visual art, bringing the aesthetic vibes in the viewers.

The chairman of Thua Thien Hue Fine Art Association, Nguyen Thien Duc, said: “I am satisfied with the exhibition this year because it has many beautiful high-quality works. They express the deep inner world of each artist and metaphorically portrayed it through the structure of the visual language as well as through various material techniques. It implies the desire to overcome difficulties in daily life in order to constantly explore and discover the ideal beauty in the changing contemporary life.”

Story and photos: TRANG HIEN