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02/05/2019 - 15:44

The ever-resounding melodies of the motherland

In the atmosphere of National Reunification Day, the bustling and magnanimous songs performed in the music show “Melodies of the motherland”, which took place at the stage in front of Quoc Hoc high school brought to audiences the deep-lying moments, kicking off the proud in the heart of everybody.

This was also an activity in the framework of Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2019.

The melodies to celebrate National Reunification Day

With the participation of actors, and artists of Hue Royal Traditional Theater of Arts, the music show had many special items performed to celebrate the event of liberating and renovating the country such as the country of love, the country with full happiness, spring melody.

Listening to these songs, the memories about the magnanimous and unyielding will of the ancestors, as well as the glorious history of the nation seemed to be resounding.

Singing and dancing about Hue

With the song Sunshine in March composed by musician Tran Hoan 44 years ago in the happy day of Hue liberation, then the complete liberation of the South, the reunification of the country, the audiences had a chance to feel like Hue flared up again in a radiant way, but still very gentle, bashful and poetic.

The music night also sent to audiences the deep-lying emotion levels in front of the beauty of Hue, a city of culture, as well as a Festival city through the songs: Hi, the heroic Hue city, Finding you in Hue Features, Hue – a Festival city and Sunshine on Trang Tien.

Story, photos: Minh Hien