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22/04/2020 - 08:46

The favorable time to change "new clothes" for Hue tourism

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing great damage to the tourism industry. However, if possible, it is necessary to take advantage of this “low season” time to renovate facilities, aiming to better customer service after the pandemic.

The pedestrian path alongside “23 thang 8” street is expected to create a new highlight for visitors to Hue

Renovating restaurants and hotels

Recently, a new pedestrian path alongside the “23 thang 8” route (Thuan Thanh Ward, Hue City) has gradually been completed. The route, which extends from Thuong Tu Gate to Ngan Gate and lies under the big shady trees, promises to give Hue a beautiful pedestrian path and better tourists service because previously the “23 thang 8” route was sometimes crowded and travelers had to walk on slippery dirt roads when it rained. Those working in tourism assess that definitely after the completion and the operation of this pedestrian path, and when Hue begins to welcome visitors, it will create plenty of impressions.

To businesses, all tourism activities have temporarily been ceased due to the pandemic. Losses are unavoidable. However, according to some businesses, this is a suitable time to renovate facilities, "wearing new clothes" for restaurants and hotels.

Mr. Le Xuan Phuong, Director of DMZ Tourism Joint Stock Company, said: “At present, the restaurants of the company have planned to renovate and renew. Currently, the society is in the ‘social distancing’ period to prevent the spread of the pandemic. Therefore, the company has temporarily not executed the construction yet. After everything returns to normal, the company will carry out the repairs before the return of the "bustling" Hue tourism”.

This is the favorable time for businesses not only to renovate the facilities but also to "speed up" the implementation of projects and soon put them into operation. At My An hot spring resort (Phu Vang), before the period of "social distancing", the construction process was maintained at a fast pace. The investor of this project aims that when the pandemic is controlled, the resort will be put into official operation.

Only 5 kilometers away from Hue city, this tourist attraction promises not only to attract tourists but also to create new recreation places for Hue residents.

Century Hotel's representative also said that according to the plan of BRG Group (hotel owner), in the upcoming time, the hotel will be repaired and upgraded. Accordingly, the hotel retains only the main building, the surrounding areas will be rebuilt with the most modern scale and equipped with the most modern facilities to serve the increasing needs of visitors.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Binh, Chairman of the Provincial Accommodation Association, said: “Most hotels and restaurants have plans to upgrade their facilities. This is a very difficult time for businesses, but it is also considered an appropriate time for businesses to deploy and re-arrange their ‘faces’”.

Towards professionalism

According to tourism experts, at this time, the Government Agency on tourism and businesses must consider the influence and losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to learn more lessons from them, create opportunities to recover and develop sustainably after the pandemic. Businesses need to calmly assess the loss in order to restructure appropriately so that if there is any repeated incident, the risks can be limited.

According to Mr. Le Ngoc Sanh, Chief of the Department of Tourism's Office, when the period of "social distancing" is over and the tourists have not yet returned to Hue, businesses should retrain human resources and be ready for facilities, new products and services. Management agencies will accompany and support businesses maximally when needed.

Mr. Le Ngoc Sanh said that: “When tourists come to Hue, it is more difficult to temporarily stop operating to repair, or to both welcome tourists and upgrade facilities. Therefore, if enterprises have good plans and capital, they need to deploy the work during this time. If every business and hotel changes a little and the necessary items of tourist destinations are also renovated, Hue tourism will surely be very different.

Hue tourism industry leaders also encourage businesses which have human resources to refurbish the facilities or upgrade some items and services so that when Hue tourism re-welcome tourists, the quality of service and the professionalism for the ancient capital tourism have already been improved, and more importantly, they can increase the spending of tourists.

Story and photo: Duc Quang