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23/03/2020 - 14:59

The first 12 tourists completing their quarantine at Sun & Sea Resort

On March 21, the Department of Tourism coordinated with Thuan An Town People's Committee (Phu Vang) to organize the presentation of flowers and certificates for 12 visitors who have completed their 14 days of concentrated quarantine at Sun & Sea Resort.

The medical team, tourism industry leaders and Thuan An Town People's Committee taking photos with tourists at the ceremony

These 12 visitors were identified to have had close contact with the British female visitor (patient No. 30) who tested positive for COVID-19, while staying at the Moonlight Hotel. Then, on March 9, all 12 tourists were taken to stay in quarantine at Sun & Sea Resort (Thuan An town, Phu Vang).

At the ceremony, members of the Steering Committee of the medical quarantine area at Sun & Sea Resort, the tourism industry leaders and the leaders of Thuan An Town People's Committee thanked the positive cooperation of tourists. They hoped that the visitors will return to Hue in the near future. Also at the ceremony, Hue tourism businesses presented to the visitors a number of gifts as promotion vouchers and discount tours and attractions if guests have the opportunity to return to Hue.

A visitor shared: “Thank you to the service members who worked tirelessly to make my trip as comfortable as possible. Hopefully, peace and health will come to everyone when this pandemic ends”.

Currently, there are 36 other tourists staying at Sun & Sea Resort in quarantine.

Story and photo: Duc Quang