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17/04/2019 - 15:10

The fourth leg of the race "Our country - one united strip" 2019: Le Nguyet Minh had another victory on Hue land 

On the morning of April 16, the fourth leg of the 31st Ho Chi Minh City Television Cup bicycle race 2019, "Our country - one united strip " with a 42km route around Truong Tien - Phu Xuan bridges officially kicked off. Mr. Nguyen Dung - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee attended and encouraged the teams.

Vice Chairman Nguyen Dung presented a yellow shirt to the winner of the third leg of the race: Dong Hoi - Hue before starting stage 4

Under the slightly sunny weather, right from the starting lap, 83 domestic and foreign cyclists from 12 clubs joined into the race quite fiercely. After the first few laps of keeping close distance, some of the "decoy" cyclists suddenly split the group to rise to the front.

However, the opponent's strength smashing tactic could not trap veteran cyclists. On the contrary, by rational strength distribution, in the final rounds, Le Van Duan, Le Nguyet Minh, Nguyen Truong Tai, Huynh Thanh Tung ... showed their skills with techniques of hugging curves in the road, and accelerating to lead the race.

In the final lap, about 300 meters away from the finish line, with a quick draw, Le Nguyet Minh (Ho Chi Minh City - VUS) overtook two positive opponents, including his brother Le Van Duan, to become the first person to finish this tournament in Hue for the second time.

Ending 20 laps of racing around Truong Tien - Phu Xuan Bridges, at 7 am tomorrow (April 17) at the Provincial Culture and Sports Center, the 31st Ho Chi Minh City Television Cup bicycle race of 2019, "Our country - one united strip ", continues its journey with the Hue - Hoi An stage (140km). This is a very tough stage when the cyclists must conquer the Hai Van Pass with a high slope and many dangerous bends.

Some photos at the race:

The group entered the race after the command flag from Vice Chairman Nguyen Dung

From the starting point at Tu Tuong park on Le Loi street, the motorcade team guided the race with the national flags in bright red color

Cyclistss leisurely rode on the historic Truong Tien Bridge in the "prelude" round

However, because the distance is only 42km, in the next rounds, the racers quickly increased the speed

... with an average speed of more than 46km / h

… passing Tran Hung Dao Street

… heading up to Phu Xuan Bridge

… and entering the technical bend

Le Nguyet Minh (blue shirt, left) unleashing an acceleration when at approximately 300m away from the finishing line

Le Nguyet Minh (middle) celebrating his victory

In the waiting time for the award presenting ceremony, many spectators and athletes were surprised with Hue music performances of Long Nhat, the singer

Next was hip hop ...

The joy of Le Van Duan (right), Le Nguyet Minh (middle) and Nguyen Truong Tai when winning 3 highest positions of stage 4

By Han Dang