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16/06/2019 - 12:33

The French Institute in Hue organizes “Storytelling with puppets” program

On June 15, the French Institute in Hue organized the "Storytelling with puppets" program for French trainees. This is one of the summer activities for children of the French Institute in Hue.

Hand-made puppets

Participating in the program, the trainees were instructed by French teachers how to make colorful puppets, as well as how to command the puppets to tell stories with puppets following a French folk tale about wolves.

It is said that, in a deep forest, there is a wolf which is not satisfied with its natural fur. Every day it try to color its fur, wearing colorful covers. Then it realizes that it is not like anyone in a new look. Finally, the wolf also realized that it should love what it has and not pursue the glamor outside...

Not only stimulating creativity and dexterity, this activity also infuses the children with messages about life, while also training storytelling skills in French.

By Minh Hien