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14/05/2021 - 17:11

The golden season 

On these days, rice is ripening all over the fields. The golden fields in the harvest season have created for the countryside a peaceful scene.

If you have the opportunity to cycle to the fields in Huong An (Hue City), Huong Chu (Huong Tra Town), Quang Phu (Quang Dien District), etc., you will be delighted to enjoy the golden fields, and the sweet scent of ripe rice under the golden sunlight.

Hue News would like to introduce a series of photos of the photographer Le Thanh Sinh about the beautiful golden rice season in the countryside.

Early morning on the field

Harvesting rice

Drying rice under the sunlight

Collecting straw


The peaceful countryside

Going home

Carpets of golden rice

By Hue News