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24/04/2020 - 10:37

The last generation of bicycle-taxi riders 

While means of transportation has been changed continuously, with motorcycle-taxi (passenger motorcycle), taxi, or ride-hailing services such as Grab, a generation of bicycle-taxi riders still exists in Hue.

It can be said that they are the last generation of bicycle-taxi riders, because most of them are over 60 years old. Passenger or freight rides are getting lesser and lesser.                                                                     

About 10 years ago and beyond, the occupation of bicycle-taxi riders earned very good money. However, nowadays, most of them go to work for fun just due to missing their occupation. Partly because of their old ages, and partly because customers now have many options to choose, carrying passengers is no longer available; they transport goods instead.

Hue News would like to introduce the very vivid and realistic photo series of the last generation of bicycle-taxi riders of the photographer Trung Phan.

By Hue News

A common image of bicycle-taxi riders. As it is no longer a common means of transportation, most of them have to wait for their patrons to place orders and make freight rides.

Mr. Tam, 65 years old, who is from Phu My, still rides to Hue City every day to work. This is his familiar place for a break.

The rotation of bicycles is still moving, but the customers are no longer available.

Mr. Hiep, who is 70 years old now, has 40 years working as a bicycle-taxi rider. He confided that he was no longer carrying people for fear of endangering them. He mainly transports small cargoes to earn a little money for a living day by day.

Flower stalls in Dong Ba market are his “patrons”.

An image of customer transported by a bicycle-taxi rider was captured.

Mr. Hai, 80-year-old, has been still waiting for his patrons to call him every day.

Mr. Nguyen Phuc The, who is 62 years old now, with 24 years working as a bicycle-taxi rider, is taking care of his bicycle-taxi _ his companion.

A poetic break at noon in the green park

Every occupation will be changed then; however, please dedicate all the goodness to the last generation of bicycle-taxi riders with the love of their occupation. A photo captured at the foot of Gia Hoi Bridge: in the dark night, a bicycle-taxi rider is still waiting for his customers.