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11/05/2021 - 12:34

The lotus season 

"Hue lotus" has become a brand name, especially as the Provincial People's Committee has recently approved the project on "Promoting the value of Hue lotus brand name", it is more favorable for the expansion of consumption market. Thereby, farmers have also expanded their cultivated area.

Besides the lotus in Tinh Tam lake, throughout the province, lotus is propagated and grown in many fields, ponds and lakes bringing a good source of income for the farmers.

Lotus can be processed into many delicious dishes, from folk to royal ones such as rice, or sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf, lotus seed sweet soup, lotus cakes; stewed lotus root is very nutritious; lotus germ can treat the insomnia, and lotus tea smells gentle and elegant, etc. Every dish from lotus can satisfy the most demanding diners.

In this season, when you come to Hue and go to the suburbs, about seven to ten kilometers away from the city, you will be able to get a beautiful set of photos captured with white lotus, and pink lotus for yourself. If you have time, let’s sip a cup of lotus tea in the morning, or eat lotus seed sweet soup with ice if it is hot; and if you are hungry, let’s try sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf... Surely, it is not only beautiful, but also "tasty, full, nutritious, and cheap". Do not hesitate to come to Hue in the lotus season...

Checking-in at lotus lakes

The harvest season of farmers

Lotus can be processed and made into tasty, fragrant, and nutritious dishes and drinks

By Thua Thien Hue Weekly