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29/10/2020 - 14:55

The magnanimous gesture of the people of Lang Co town during typhoon no.9 

By the afternoon of October 28, hundreds of vehicles and thousands of passengers were trapped in Lang Co town (Phu Loc district) because Hai Van tunnel was blocked due to typhoon no. 9.

The vehicles stuck on National Highway 1A on October 28 with a section of vehicles lining up in 2-3 lanes

According to Mr. Tran Dinh Vui - Secretary of the Party Committee of Lang Co town (Phu Loc district), at 3 a.m. of October 28, the authorities blocked the Hai Van tunnel. The purpose of this blockage was to prevent people and vehicles passing through the tunnel from the North to South, to ensure safety since Da Nang to Phu Yen is where the typhoon No. 9 landed.

Therefore, from that time until the afternoon of October 28, hundreds of vehicles, mainly trucks, passenger cars and thousands of passengers had to stop in Lang Co town. A section of Highway 1A of about 4km, from Lap An residential group to Hai Van tunnel entrance was congested, and vehicles could only travel on half of the road.

Because the restaurants on this road were closed due to typhoon no. 9, during the period from dawn to noon on October 28, the demand for food and water was very urgent for the thousands of people stuck.

Facing this situation, with the spirit of solidarity, many people in Lang Co town did not mind the rain and wind to bring rice, dumplings, loc cakes, drinking water and congee free of charge to each vehicle, including many elderly people and children, with up to about 5 thousand portions.

This gesture continued to spread when a number of restaurants on this road opened and hung up “Free” signs, providing food to those who are stuck here.

“Because we do not know exactly when the storm would dissipate, we are mobilizing local people and volunteer groups in the area to continue to prepare food for passengers, drivers, and help them feel secure and safe while waiting for the storm to pass,” shared Mr. Nguyen Huu Lai, a local person who was supplying rice and loc cake for passengers.

Photos captured by our journalists at noon October 28:

The lines of hundreds of vehicles with thousands of people with a length of about 4km

Many people were very anxious, having to stop from 3 a.m. during typhoon no.9

Faced with this situation, a large number of Lang Co people mobilized human and material resources to provide free food and drink to the passengers.

Their enthusiasm is also reflected in the food supply to each vehicle

Mr. Nguyen Huu Lai's volunteer group supplied loc cakes for anyone who was stuck

Saving one of the memorable moments in life

Some restaurants reopened to serve free food even though they were closed because of typhoon no. 9. The actions are one of the most authentic evidence of the spirit of solidarity among Vietnamese people in general, and Hue people in particular.

Story and photos: Han Dang