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22/04/2022 - 15:44

The memorable colors of flowers in the highlands of A Luoi 

In the summer, while going on A Luoi roads, you will suddenly encounter wild flowers brought home by people to beautify their house landscape, and hamlet alleys, etc...

The road with flowers in Son Thuy commune attracts visitors

A Luoi is located in the tropical monsoon area. The year-round cool climate is favorable condition for this area to develop rich flora, including many well-adapted native or migratory flowers.

In the summer, while going on A Luoi roads, you will suddenly encounter wild flowers brought home by people to beautify their landscape of house landscape and hamlet alleys, including land orchids, downy myrtle, melastoma, vernicia montana, milkweed, morning-glory, etc... Each flower has its own beauty, creating the unique nuances for the peaceful highland strip. Looking at the flowers adorning the green mountains and forests will help you have a different feeling when coming here to visit and experience.

In the orientation of building a new rural area and cultural tourism identity, A Luoi district is deploying specific flower routes associated with the “Green Sunday” movement, to beautify its villages and hamlets...

Let’s take a walk around the villages to see the memorable colors of flowers with Thua Thien Hue Online:

In addition to beautifying the landscape, the Bauhinia variegata’s bark, stem, and leaves all have medicinal effects. Its flowers can be used in the treatment of hepatitis, pneumonia, and cough fever, etc.

Now, coming to A Luoi, you can see the two rows of Northwest Bauhinia variegata on Am Mat street

Tobacco plants bloom beside the bamboo fence. A Luoi town is encouraging people to choose native flowers to beautify the road to the villages

Downy myrtle has been cared for by people since first planted, becoming a part of the living space in Hong Bac commune

Many families bring milkweed along the stream to plant in their gardens. This plant also has the ability to repel insects, creating favorable conditions for plants living near them to grow up

The purple color of melastoma in the town square – a favorite "check-in" spot for many people

In addition to wild sunflowers, the road to A Nor stream (Hong Kim) will be planted with new rows of native downy myrtle and melastoma... in this summer.

Vernicia montana flowers on Ho Chi Minh street have white petals with a light fragrance. Trau fruit is used to mix paint, bringing income to local people

"Marking" the gate of the house with brilliant orange lily

By Trinh Tue Truc