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30/10/2020 - 08:49

The music show “Loving the Central region”

On the night of October 28, the music show “Loving the Central region” held by Gia Bao Event-Media Sole Member Limited Liability Company took place at Song Huong Theater.

Painting auction activity in the framework of the program 

“Loving the Central region” is a volunteer music show heading toward the loving Central region of Vietnam, where has been suffering heavy losses after the recent storms and floods.

Attending the program was the participation of the artists Quang Linh, Duc Tuan, Hoang Bach, Trung Quan Idol, Tinh Uyen, X2X Band, and Xuan Huong, etc. The singers and artists performed special items such as Cast into the wind, One love, the Last Sunshine Streaks on the Sky, Loving the Central region, and “Vong” contemporary dance, etc. 

Mr. Doan Quoc Huy, Director of the music program shared that the music show “Loving the Central region” has received many enthusiastic responses from the artists, who did not flinch from the long distance and difficulties to come and give performances right in the flooded area to raise a subscription for fellow-citizen.

All of the team and artists participated in this program in the spirit of charity. All of the revenue from ticket sales and subscription of the audience and the sponsors will be personally hand over to the citizen in the flooded areas by the Organization Committee right after the show.

In the framework of the program, there was an auction for three paintings with a revenue of 48 million VND.

Story and photo: Minh Hien