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03/11/2018 - 16:58

The Perfume River is the main space and landscape axis

This is the desire of the Chairman of the Hue City People's Committee, Standing Deputy Chairman of Koica Project Managing Committee - Nguyen Van Thanh - at the final conference on detailed planning of the Perfume River's banks and the pilot project which took place on the morning of November 1. Attending the ceremony were Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Phuong; Mr. Kim Jin-oh, Chief Representative of Koica Vietnam; Korean consultancy units and leaders of departments.

The Korea International Cooperation Agency (Koica) sponsored 6 million USD for the detailed planning of the Perfume River's banks project, which started in September 2015. The project's scope spans from Vong Canh Hill to the ancient town of Bao Vinh with a length of 15 km, including Hen and Da Vien islets with a planning area of ​​nearly 840 hectares, of which the area of the Perfume River's banks is over 313 hectares and the water area is 485 hectares.

The Perfume River walking bridge in the afternoon attracts many people coming for a walk and sightseeing. Photo: P. Thanh

The project establishes the riverine landmark and venues for organizing international events and festivals; forming a riverside landscape which is harmonious with the natural landscape and the cultural and historical environment. With the aim of revitalizing the city as well as developing the central axis, the project has worked out the features for the city to develop, such as setting up special riverside spaces to promote vitality and enhance the landscape and linkages of the area by a waterway network that provides recreational space and outdoor activities for local residents and visitors. In addition, the project establishes an environmentally friendly riverside environment and is safe from disasters.

According to the Koica Project Managing Director, Professor Moon Chang-Yeob, when implementing the detailed planning of the Perfume River's banks project  and the pilot projects, the Korean consultants paid special attention to the walking bridge over the Perfume River. Therefore, the pedestrian bridge is not only a link between Phu Xuan bridge and Truong Tien bridge, but also a relaxing space, which can be used for organizing small and medium festivals to attract tourists. Furthermore, the bridge is used not only for walking along the Perfume River bank but also as an attractive destination for visitors to explore and enjoy the beauty of the riverbanks.

Prof. Moon Chang-Yeob emphasized that if Hue people are willing to continue to receive support to exploit the beauty of the Perfume River banks, he would be willing to cooperate with the desire to promote and harness the maximum potential and beauty strength of the Perfume River banks, contributing to making Hue City a typical cultural tourism center of the country and an international tourist destination.

With the purpose of providing colorful landscape scenes, reflecting every regional feature of the Perfume River banks, the project has developed a management system according to destinations, routes, and areas of the landscape resources such as architectural, cultural, and historical destinations and natural landscape.

Chairman of Hue City People's Committee Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh informed that on the basis of the master plan, the city has been developing some projects on the southern bank of the Perfume River, such as renovating Tu Tuong (Four Elephants) park, Nguyen Dinh Chieu walking street, setting up camera monitoring systems and Truong Tien bridge lighting system, constructing riverside walkway in Ly Tu Trong park to connect with the pilot project, forming a route connecting the areas of the southern bank: from the Vo Thi Sau, Chu Van An, Pham Ngu Lao walking streets area to Nguyen Dinh Chieu walking street, February 3 Park, Tu Tuong Park, and Ly Tu Trong Park.

The conference scene

Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh said that after the pilot project and refurbishment of the Perfume River banks are completed,  in addition to mobilizing resources to invest in and embellish construction works, the city and Hue people must treat, manage and regard the Perfume River as a heritage site to preserve and promote the unique value of the Perfume River banks. There is a need to create more entertainment venues, souvenir shops as well as to invest in infrastructure to turn the Perfume River into the main space and landscape axis, creating an identity for Hue to attract tourists.

Speaking at the workshop, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Phuong said that the detailed planning of the Perfume River banks and the pilot projects are important for Hue City in particular and the province in general when the target of the province is to accelerate the development speed on the basis of ensuring the sustainability factors, the harmony between conservation – development and protection of the natural ecological environment. Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee said that the project has greatly contributed to tourism and socio-economic development, and has promoted the value of the landscape and create new,  attractive space along the Perfume River banks, which is also the highlight of landscape for the city.

The lead representative of Koica in Vietnam, Mr. Kim Jin-oh, said that the detailed planning of the Perfume River Banks project is the successor of the project "Hue City urban improvement and construction planning". The purpose of the project is to contribute to the development of urban balance with the meaning of "development and conservation", to enhance the capacity to cope with climate change through the Perfume River center development model.

By Thanh Huong