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07/02/2021 - 07:28

The program of "Hue Tet" in Lunar New Year of the Buffalo – 2021 opened

This activity has been coordinated to be organized by the Commission for Mass Mobilization, Hue City Party Committee, and agencies of Hue City on the morning of February 5 at Thuong Bac Park.

Processing ginger jam at the contest

On the theme of "Connecting love", the program of “Hue Tet” 2021 is a continuation and promotion of the effectiveness of the “Hue Tet” programs from 2018 up to now, with a larger scale, as well as richer and more diverse content, in order to reenact traditional cultural activities of Hue people during Tet holiday.

This year, the program brings together 57 teams from 27 wards, agencies and the armed forces of the city to participate in the contests of making ginger jam, thuan cakes, chung cakes (cubic sticky rice cakes), and tet cakes (rolled sticky rice cakes) for Tet holiday; and the space to experience Hue traditional crafts such as calligraphy, confetti, to he, and local specialties, etc.

According to the Organizing Committee, the program of “Hue Tet” 2021 has special meanings: in addition to preserve and promote the traditional cultural values ​​of the lunar new year of the people via activities and contests, the program also joins hands, and share with the poor and people in difficulties. The products from the contests such as chung cakes, tet cakes, or ginger jam, and thuan cakes will be given to the poor, near poor and disadvantaged households, Orange Agent victims, and centers for orphans, and children with disability in the city of Hue, so as to bring a warming and meaningful Tet holiday to the people and children.

As the program is taking place in the context of complicated COVID-19 epidemic, the Organizing Committee has paid special attention to the prevention of epidemic. The participants of the program are required to wear masks, wash hands and disinfect, and scan QR code so as to ensure the safety for themselves and the community.

Story, photo, and video: Thanh Huong