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14/06/2022 - 12:19

The rulership of Emperor Minh Mang

"Emperor Minh Mang’s art of rulership – evidence from the Imperial Archives of the Nguyen Dynasty" is the theme of an exhibition organized by Hue Monuments Conservation Center in collaboration with the National Archives Center I. The exhibition just opened on the afternoon of June 9 at Thiệu Phương royal garden, inside the Imperial Citadel.

The exhibition features more than 90 imperial archives of the Nguyen Dynasty with contents related to Emperor Minh Mang's concerns on the issues of "self- improved, managing family, governing the nation, and pacifying the realm".

This is convincing evidence from the historical documents, through which, viewers can better understand the ideology of Emperor Minh Mang, his art of rulership, as well as his merits and achievements during his reign.

By Minh Hien