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30/08/2017 - 16:04

The sacred soil from Spratly merges into Xa Tac Esplanade

On the morning of August 29th, in Phu Van Lau (Hue City), the Hue Monuments Conservation Centre in collaboration with the Tuoi Tre newspaper held the ceremony of receiving sacred soil from Spratly into the Xa Tac Esplanade. Immediately after the ceremony, the sacred soil from Spratly was merged into the Xa Tac Esplanade.

The Xa Tac Esplanade is one of the most important royal vestiges of Hue ancient capital, built in the late spring of 1806, after King Gia Long re-planned the whole Citadel on the land of eight villages on the north bank of the Huong river.

Mr. Nguyen Dung, Vice Chairman of provincial People's Committee merges the sacred soil from Spratly into Xa Tac Esplanade.

Because of the significance and special importance of the project, according to the royal decree, all the cities and towns in the whole country had to contribute clean land to the construction of the Xa Tac Esplanade. Thus, the Xa Tac Esplanade symbolizes the land of the country, becoming the sacred symbol of the nation, and the meaning of the Xa Tac Esplanade is thus more sacred.

Previously, during the mission trip in May 2017 of the Tuoi Tre Newspaper and Naval Forces carrying sacred soil from all parts of the country to Spratly, the delegation also brought the soil from Spratly to the mainland. A part of the soil was merged into the Xa Tac Esplanade today. Receiving the soil from the Spratly islands to the Xa Tac Esplanade has the meaning of asserting the sovereignty of our nation, from the mainland to the sea, confirming the aspiration for a peaceful sea, as well as giving more strength to soldiers and people who are defending our sea and asserting our sovereignty over our sea and islands.

Story, photo: Dong Van