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27/06/2020 - 20:27

The story of "Nghiem"

Holding a solo exhibition for the first time at Secret Studio (1/7 Nguyen Cong Tru, Hue City), Hoang Dang Nghiem has impressed art lovers with his new and unique style which carries the soul of the contemporary art life.

Hoang Dang Nghiem's works seem to bring a new breath to the artistic scene

The exhibition entitled "Nghiem" includes 15 paintings composed in the "synthetic" drawing style, giving viewers stories about human life and emotions about their surroundings....

With the unique way of handling shapes and materials, following the "multimedia" trend, the arrangement is beyond the limits and forms. The exhibition is also a way for Hoang Dang Nghiem to express his stories in a spirit full of contemporary style.

As an architect, approaching art as a pastime, Hoang Dang Nghiem found himself through brush strokes. His concerns, compassion, and emotions about life are blended into the brush strokes and colors. At times, they are sadness and sorrows, and at times they portray the desire to find happiness, full of enthusiasm and passion. ..

The exhibition takes place until July 21.

Story and photo: Trang Hien