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26/06/2018 - 14:50

The taste of Hue's cakes

For the celebration of the Vietnamese Family Day (June 28), Hue Cultural Museum opened an exhibition with the theme “The taste of Hue's cakes”.

Exhibition of the folk cakes in Hue

In order to introduce the diversity and the richness of the culinary culture regarding folk cakes typical of Hue, the exhibition presents some of  Hue folk cakes, from popular types such as bánh lọc (tapioca dumpling cakes), bánh ít (glutinous rice cakes), bánh gai (black glutinous rice cakes), bánh khoái (Vietnamese pancakes) and bánh in (pressed-flour cakes), etc to some types being failed to be handed down such as bánh dứa (pineapple cakes), bánh lá vải (cakes with images of leaves), bánh bông cây (blossoming-tree cakes), etc.

The exhibition also introduces the materials, tools and cooking techniques of some kinds of cakes and hold activities to give attendants opportunities for interaction and experience with regards Hue cakes.

Types of hand-made Hue cakes produced from the local women’s skillful hands

Most of Hue cakes owe their shape from the local women’ skillful hands. Each type of cake requires its own recipe which proves very elaborate in the choice of materials as well as in their processing. On the other hand, the step to reach a harmonious combination of spices for the cake and then to make the accompanying sauces is also quite meticulous.

The finished products are always meant to be small, delicate, mainly for the sake of enjoyment and for the impression their tastes make. These culinary works appear somehow admirably stylish and meticulous, but at the same time they still bear the traits of the folk foods. They are important highlights in Hue women’s culinary art.

The exhibition aims to raise the value and roles of Hue cakes in the local cuisine in particular and in Vietnamese cuisine culture in general, so as to contribute to conserving, restoring and upholding the values of our local cultural heritage. The show is also meant to promote and introduce the subtlety and the distinctiveness of Hue cakes.

Some photos taken at the exhibition:

In cakes (Pressed-flour cakes)

Phục linh cakes (Burned flour cookies processed from the tuber of a kind of  plant , with the Vietnamese name Cây Năng, scientific name: Eleocharis dulcis)

Lá vải cakes (Leave-image cakes)

Flower-shaped, plant-shaped biscuits

Some materials for preparation

Rice, glutinous rice and flour grinder...

Section for trying Hue cakes attracts many visitors

Clip of the artisans demonstrating their techniques for Hue cakes

Story, photos, clips:  Minh Hien