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22/07/2017 - 17:28

The throne of Nguyen dynasty is moved to repair Thai Hoa Palace

From 21 July to 10 August, the throne, which symbolized the power of the Nguyen dynasty displayed in Thai Hoa Palace (the Citadel), has been moved to another safe location. This movement is carried out so that the Hue Monuments Conservation Center can repair some damage of the parasol (of the throne) and other decorative details inside the palace.

The throne seen from the right side. Photo: Document

Thai Hoa, the most important palace located in the Imperial Cityof ​​Hue Citadel, was the place where the coronations of 13 Nguyen dynasty kings took place. The throne symbolizedthe power of the dynasty and was passed through 13 kings. It was 101cm high, 72cm wide and 87cm long. Above the throne was the wooden parasol which was gold-plated and luxuriously decorated with porcelain enamel. Under the throne was a stand with three floors of golden lacquered wood.

All of them were made of wood with dragon decorations signifying the desires for happiness, longevity and good luck. Due to the severe weather and being repaired many times, but having not been thoroughly restored, Thai Hoa Palace and the throne parasol were seriously degraded.

During the urgent repair process, Thai Hoa Palace is still open to visitors; at the same time, separate paths are created to ensure order and safety for visitors.

By Dong Van