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07/11/2018 - 11:20

The urban look of Hue city will be brighter

Changes in the forms of modern outdoor advertising along with the renovation of the city’s gateway and investment in lighting system promise a radical improvement in the urban look of Hue city.

An advertising LED display at Hung Vuong junction has recently been installed by Thanh Cong Advertising Company

Modern advertising

The outdoor advertising planning towards 2020, with projection to 2030, was approved in 2015 by the provincial People's Committee, specifying the application of scientific advancements, modern facilities and technology in changing the urban landscape. However, advertising activities are still behind the social development trend, with low efficiency. 

Recently, the Department of Culture and Sports developed a scheme to reform advertising activities. Notably, electronic billboards will be built to improve urban landscapes and eventually discourage the use of traditional banners and posters on downtown streets in the center of Hue city.

In the near future, a pilot project will be implemented on certain roads in the city, then spread to the rest to create uniformity. Representative of the Cultural Management Department, from the Department of Culture and Sports, said: "The project aims to improve the advertising activities towards modern, electronic advertising, and build mechanisms to operate and monitor focused advertising information. The projections are that new digital displays will be installed to ensure information publicity while maintaining the aesthetic look of the city.

According to the municipal People's Committee, proposed positions for electronic billboards include the corner of Le Loi Street and Phu Xuan Bridge; Nguyen Thai Hoc - Doi Cung - Vo Thi Sau intersection and Dong Da - Nguyen Hue junction. Light boxes and digital screens will also be installed for Ly Thuong Kiet, Dong Da and Le Quy Don streets, and Nguyen Dinh Chieu's walking street and the footpath along the southern bank of Huong river to Ho Chi Minh museum (part of Ly Tu Trong park)

In order to realize this reformation project, enterprises have also planned to transfer the current billboards to modern and high-tech panels. Le Thanh Cong, director of Thanh Cong Advertising and Trade Fair Company, Ltd. said: "Our company supports the policy of technological innovation in the advertising industry by the provincial People's Committee. We expect to erect latest advertising boards to catch up with smart technology in the 4.0 era. So far, Thanh Cong has successfully installed a 10-billion VND LED screen at the intersection of Hung Vuong street (opposite Vincom building).”

Roads in the city center will soon be cleared of advertising banners and posters

Brighter and better by night 

Recently, Hue city has shown great efforts in transforming the urban landscape. Many routes have been upgraded, such as To Huu, Le Quy Don, Dong Da, Ly Thuong Kiet, Hung Vuong street, accompanied by renovated lighting system. Current urban lighting rate has reached 98%. Improvements were seen in the city’s street lighting system where old equipment was replaced with LED-powered lights for improving lighting efficiency and reducing power consumption.

For artistic lighting, Hue city invested in illuminating solutions for Tu Tuong Park and improved the landscape and lighting system around the Citadel. Mr. Nguyen Viet Bang, Head of Urban Management Department said, "The city is replacing the artistic illuminating system of Truong Tien bridge. Due at the end of this year, this artwork will soon be the city’s highlight. Also, the city is also investing in lighting along the Huong river banks, creating a footpath along Nguyen Dinh Chieu park and pedestrian zone in connection with the KOICA-funded project to form a complete network of walking streets from 3/2 Park to Ho Chi Minh Museum.

The municipal People's Committee also has written requests for agencies to equip their headquarters, especially the high-rises, with a proper lighting system following the standards for buildings by the Ministry of Construction. At the northern gateway to the city, Ly Thai To street has completed embankment and expansion, including the sidewalks, street lights, and planting trees. The municipal People's Committee has also assigned Green Park Center the upgrading project of An Hoa Park.

By Minh Hien