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16/06/2021 - 11:10

There is a "scenario" to exploit tourism

On the afternoon of June 14, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thanh Binh, together with leaders of the Department of Tourism, and local leaders conducted an inspection of accommodation establishments and tourism service business units in the province, in order to proactively have solutions to exploit tourism again in the coming time.

Vice Chairman Nguyen Thanh Binh asking the tourism industry and localities to proactively have a plan to exploit tourism again

Safety first

Due to the impact of the fourth outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of accommodation establishments and tourism service businesses in the province are temporarily closed or operating in moderation. As of the afternoon of June 14, only nearly 20 accommodation establishments are still serving tourists and the number is quite modest. Particularly, at some resorts, they could welcome a larger number of guests; each destination can receive about 20 to 40 guests.

Through the actual inspection at accommodation establishments and tourism service businesses, Vice Chairman Nguyen Thanh Binh shared the difficulties that businesses encountered due to the epidemic. The positive sign is that the epidemic in the province is being well controlled. Therefore, this inspection trip not only aims to encourage businesses, but the provincial leaders also want to review and find solutions to exploit tourism again in the near future.

Provincial leaders requested the tourism industry and localities to fundamentally review, clearly understand the operation situation of each enterprise and unit to prepare a plan to reactivate tourism activities, in accordance with the new situation. Especially, they must attach the responsibility of localities, businesses, and business owners to both re-exploit tourism and effectively prevent the pandemic.

“The whole province is focusing on solutions to realize the dual goal of fighting the pandemic and developing the economy; in which, the tourism industry plays an important role. However, in every solution to restore and stimulate tourism in the near future, the safety factor must be put first. In that spirit, businesses also need to take the initiative, together with state management agencies, to best prepare plans to welcome and serve guests back," emphasized Vice Chairman Nguyen Thanh Binh.

Mr. Le Anh Duc, General Director of Lapochine Beach Resort, said that the main market of the resort is from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and domestic customers. In these localities, the pandemic is still complicated, so the resort is promoting the flow of local tourists. The resort has implemented a lot of solutions to stimulate travel demand again, firstly providing a preferential price policy, then, forming new "check-in" points, and sports activities on the beach and under the sea.

Guest checking-in at Lapochine Beach Resort on the afternoon of June 14

There is a "scenario" to exploit outside tourists

According to the Department of Tourism, with the current pandemic situation, the important solution will still be to attract local tourists. Currently, many destinations have started operating after receiving a written permission from the Provincial Steering Committee for Disease Prevention and Control and offer many attractive promotions. In addition, the department is also providing timely promotional support for destinations to soon attract visitors.

Vice Chairman Nguyen Thanh Binh asked the tourism industry to be more proactive, need to build a long-term "scenario" illustrating each specific stage in tourism exploitation. In the coming time, when the pandemic continues to be well controlled, Hue will welcome tourists from outside province back, so the tourism industry should soon advise the Provincial Steering Committee for Disease Prevention and Control and provincial leaders on practical solutions, specifically, the process of welcoming and serving guests from outside province is safe and efficient.

The Vice Chairman also requested that, after having solutions to welcome tourists from inside and outside province, the tourism industry must also plan to build new stimulus packages and restore the stimulus packages from the beginning of the year due to the fourth outbreak that have not been implemented yet. Besides, there are also suitable advertising solutions to the tourist markets that Hue tourism is likely to attract in the coming time.

It is known that the Provincial People's Committee is making new assessments about the impact of the pandemic on the entire tourism industry. Assigning the responsibility to the Department of Tourism to have the specific report so that the province can have supportive solutions and create conditions for the workforce. Currently, the province is waiting for new instructions from the Government on a number of support mechanisms for those affected by the epidemic. On that basis, the province could provide specific and timely supports.

Combining inspection and assessment of the situation, finding solutions to exploit tourism again, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thanh Binh has inspected the pandemic prevention and control at Thuan An beach during the Tet Doan Ngo (which always attracts large number of tourists during the annual Tet Doan Ngo). Recorded at the beach on the afternoon of June 14, the functional forces had blocked off the points for going down to the beach, and there were no guests on the beach. The Vice Chairman highly appreciated the locality for doing well in disease prevention and control; at the same time, he requested the beach to have a plan to ensure the safety when it is allowed to welcome guests back.









Story and photos: Duc Quang