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30/08/2018 - 16:49

There will be a fanpage "To make Hue more beautiful"

From September, 2018, the provincial People's Committee will build and put into operation a fanpage on Facebook social network named "To make Hue more beautiful".

According to Deputy Chief of Office of the provincial People's Committee Dang Ngoc Tran, Head of Administration, this fanpage is a bridge between the government and the people through the application of information technology - facebook social network to solve in time and effectively issues of concern; strengthen the participation and suggestions of people to improve the capacity of forecasting, efficiency, and management effectiveness of the government, contribute to building the more and more beautiful image of Hue.

Aside from carrying out the activities of the provincial People's Committee under the direction of the provincial leaders, this site is also a means to support the decision-making process of the provincial leaders in building Hue more beautiful from the information sources of the site. It is also a trustful place for the government to launch events and contests ... in order to call for the participation of the people.

By Thai Son