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11/11/2021 - 10:23

There will be the “Hue House” on Le Loi street

In its development orientation, Hue City wants to turn the properties at 15 and 23 - 25 Le Loi street into "Hue Houses", where the cultural values are displayed and introduced so that everyone can find themselves and Hue in them.

Abandoned for many years

In order to create conditions for the development of culture and traditional handicrafts in Hue, the City People's Committee has invested in the construction of the real estate at 15 Le Loi and granted Phuong Nam Culture Joint Stock Company the lease to do business in this field since 2010.

This real estate is located in a prime location of the city, with the land area of 3,260m2, the construction area of ​​930m2, and the usable floor area of ​​2,790m2.

In the utilization process, the activities of the Promotion and Exhibition Center of Hue traditional products and specialties have not been really effective in attracting tourists to visit and shop, thereby failing to fulfill the requirements of the Exploitation Programs.

In 2018, the City People's Committee terminated the lease of the above-mentioned real estate to look for qualified investors. However, up to now, this real estate establishment is still vacant.

The Provincial People's Committee has planed to build a cultural and artistic space on the Le Loi route, which goes from Phu Xuan Bridge to Truong Tien Bridge, with the goal of connecting art centers, galleries, museums, etc., to create an attractive destination for visitors. Many people think that the real estate at 15 Le Loi is a "golden land", and it is such a waste to abandon it for many years.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Thanh Binh, former Rector of the College of Arts, Hue University, said: “While Hue Museum of Fine Arts has no headquaters, it is so wasteful that the real estate at 15 Le Loi has been abandoned for many years now. Although its space is not big enough, it can still be used as the place for Hue Museum of Fine Arts.”

Regarding the proposal to use the real estate at 15 Le Loi as the place for Hue Museum of Fine Arts, Mr. Phan Thien Dinh, Secretary of the City’s Party Committee, said that the real estate at 15 Le Loi street is still too small for a true art museum to display all unique and valuable works. Instead of renewing a small space, a larger space and a methodical investment are required for the formation of an art museum.

Previously, the real estate at 15 Le Loi was used only to display handicrafts; or, will be used to display fine arts separately later on; this would cause it to lack vitality.

“Previously, we lacked the resources to invest and the idea of​​effective management and operation of this area, so we tended to deploy things in the form of socialization. However, socialization options are still not stable, with potential risks in terms of legal as well as operational efficiency. If used only for displaying fine arts or introducing handicrafts, this place will get into the same old situation: inefficient, dull and unsustainable operation," said Mr. Phan Thien Dinh.

Vibrant space for art and culture

According to the Secretary of Hue City Party Committee Mr. Phan Thien Dinh, Hue City is discussing the plan to use the real estate at 15 Le Loi effectively, combining with the property at 23-25 Le Loi (Hue City’s Center for Culture, Information and Sports), to form a vibrant space, a highlight on the axis of culture and art space with 3 components, inluding art and culture, creative economy and innovative start-up (focusing on handicrafts as well as art and culture).

Hue City will turn the properties at 15 and 23-25 Le Loi street into the space for art and culture

In this space, craftspeople can showcase their products, whereas artists can display, perform, and promote the unique values ​​of Hue fine arts. This is also a creative space for startups in the field of creativity, art and culture following the new trends, especially young people.

The leader of Hue City Party Committee said that the city wants to combine handicrafts, art and culture, as well as start-ups into this space. Thus, craftspeople can cooperate with businesses and designers to design products from a new perspective that are more suitable for the market. It is also possible to combine  business ideas with those in the field of handicrafts, art and culture.

The combination of art and design ideas according to market trends will bring about income, which serves back to artistic creation. Thus, those having professions in the fields of fine arts, business, design, start-up, communication, etc., can cooperate to create a new whole.

After being turned into a library space which displays traditional and artistic products, fine arts, etc., this place will attract researchers, Hue lovers, young people with aspiration of developing the values ​​of art, culture, and handicrafts of Hue.

Here, artists have a place to display and introduce their products, as well as vividly promote Hue cultural values ​​so that these values ​​can be brought to life, which makes this place not only a museum, but a stimulation of the economic, cultural and social growth.

“Generations of people, either young or old, have different expectations. However, sharing the same desire to promote Hue values, these people are likely to meet each other in such a space which are attractive and vibrant. The city wants to turn these properties into the "Hue Houses" so that everyone can find themselves and Hue in them.

Also, the spirit of the city is that this place is not for getting money for the City, but a space for artists, Hue culture lovers, craftspeople, and young start-ups. Thereby, the city's economy can be promoted in the direction of a creative economy based on the typical values ​​of art, culture and landscape as well as the advantage of being a commercial and tourist center," hoped Mr. Dinh.

From now until the end of the year, Hue City will have the fences from Phu Xuan Bridge to Truong Tien Bridge removed and carry out the clean-up, renovation and embellishment to the infrastructure so as to gradually bring the properties at 15 and 23-25 Le Loi into operation.

Story and photos: MINH HIEN