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31/05/2022 - 17:29

There will be two films about the musician Trinh Cong Son in theaters on June 17

Right before the premiere, the producer of the film "Em va Trinh" suddenly announced that two films about the legendary musician Trinh Cong Son will be released at the same time.

Another film about Trinh Cong Son is to hit theaters at the same time as "Em va Trinh". Photo: Provided by the film crew

The second film titled "Trinh Cong Son" with the same script and director will also premiere nationwide on June 17.

The producer's representative, Mr. Luong Cong Hieu, CEO of Galaxy EE, said: "Producing two films at the same time about the musician Trinh Cong Son was a surprise to us. Five years ago, when we started producing, we just wanted to make a thorough movie about the music legend Trinh Cong Son. But when we looked at the results of nearly 1,000 hours of filming, we were amazed to discover that there are two stories, two different perspectives on the artist, each of which is particularly interesting. We are extremely excited and want to share that with the audience.”

The movie "Trinh Cong Son" is 95 minutes long, revolving around Trinh's youth from a romantic scholar to a great musician, writing for the love and pain of humanity. The muses that come and go in the movie "Trinh Cong Son" are a strong inspiration for Trinh to find in it a great, eternal love for music and beauty. The film is full of inspiration about the great musician, who lived and composed during the war with a salvation love, overcoming all anguish and suffering.

The film "Em va Trinh" is 136 minutes long, showing a closer Trinh Cong Son, with the passion and awkwardness of everyday life. In addition to the storyline of his youth, the story "Em va Trinh" also tells the story of Michiko and Trinh Cong Son in middle age.

If "Em va Trinh" depicts a real-life Trinh Cong Son, the film "Trinh Cong Son" is produced in the style of an idol film. The production representative said: "The release of two different cinematic versions of Trinh Cong Son will show a more complete view of the legendary musician, both great and close to everyday life." 

The two films "Em va Trinh"  and "Trinh Cong Son" will be screened nationwide from June 17.

By Minh Hien