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27/09/2020 - 16:18

Thousands of people watched the unicorn, lion and dragon dance competition in Huong Thuy 

The first unicorn, lion and dragon dance competition 2020 in Huong Thuy Town took place on the evening of September 26. This is the first time the activity is organized in the town, making Mid-Autumn Festival activities for children here more diverse and interesting.

A technical move at the competition

After the opening drum performance, the unicorn dance performance "Nam su dai pha Mai hoa tran” and the dragon dance "Thien Long giang tran” by Hung Son Unicorn Dance Group (Thuy Van Commune), 150 amateur athletes from 10 teams from 10/12 communes and wards of Huong Thuy Town entered the competition with attractive and beautiful dances, such as: Song lan doat ngoc (Thuy Phu commune), Nam su vuot thac hai linh chi (Thuy Duong Ward), Song lan vuot Truong Son hai linh chi (Thuy Thanh commune), Song lan tam bao lien hoa (Thuy Bang commune), Di lạc ha son – thuan nam su hi tuu (Thuy Luong Ward) ... in the endless cheers of thousands of spectators.

Since this is the first time the competition is held, to ensure safety, the dances were traditional forms of dances (instead of the Mai hoa thung dance). However, the dancers still demonstrated professional, vivid and expressive moves and steps: observing, carrying on back, waist clamping, expressing happy and sad emotions, dancing, running and coordinating with drum beats ...

After rounds of exciting dances, Thuy Van commune won the first prize; Thuy Thanh commune and Thuy Luong ward won the second prizes and Thuy Bang commune, Thuy Duong ward and Phu Bai ward won the third prizes.

“The contest aims to contribute to preserving and promoting the nation's unique culture and sports, creating a playground for unicorn dance groups as well as providing children with more exciting activities during the Mid-Autumn Festival,” Mr. Ngo Van Vinh - Vice Chairman of Huong Thuy Town People's Committee shared.

Some pictures at the contest:

The dance “Nam su dai pha Mai hoa tran” of Hung Son unicorn dance group

This is a performance that only professional unicorn teams perform

After Mai hoa thung dance, Hung Son's dance group continued to bring to the audience a unique dragon dance performance

The drums signal the start of the traditional unicorn dance competition

"Song long vuot Truong Son hai linh chi" performance of Thuy Thanh commune

Although they are amateurs, the teams have shown beautiful and perfect technical moves

For many unicorn dance teams, participating in competitions is an opportunity to further improve their skills

Getting enthusiastic support from the spectators is also the goal of the teams 

Spectators were jam-packed in Huong Thuy Town Culture, Information & Sports Center

The joy of winning teams at the competition

By Han Dang