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11/02/2019 - 13:45

Thu Le Wrestling Ring Ceremony Jubilantly Opened 

Every year, on the morning of January 6th of the Lunar New Year (10/02), Thu Le communal house (Quang Phuoc - Quang Dien) is full of people watching the spring wrestling festival.

Thu Le wrestling festival with many unique traditional features has been organized for hundreds of years. In addition to the purpose of promoting the spirit of martial arts, wrestling is also an opportunity to select potential athletes for the province's recruitment to participate in national and international tournaments annually.

With 2 contents of traditional wrestling and freestyle wrestling, this year's wrestling festival attracts more than 100 youth and teenagers. When a wrestler wins, he directly eliminates his opponent to move on to the next round. Wanting to be the winner, the wrestler must wrestle opponents "flat on their back" and absolutely must not use dangerous attacks such as breaking joints, attacking the sensitive area...

Mr. Le Que, a senior of the village, said that this year, there are 16 wrestlers who are the young people in the village. This is a new feature, at the same time marking the continuation, preservation and promotion of the martial arts tradition of the village.

Some photos at Thu Le wrestling festival on the morning of 10/02: 

The wrestling match begins after the drum beats of Mr. Le Que

The opening performance of  two U60 seniors in the village

Next are the beautiful and professional attacks of 4 female athletes who are the members of the provincial team

A competition between teenage boys

The winner

Meanwhile, the youth shows the strength through each movement

... and this is also an opportunity for photographers to capture beautiful moments

The wrestling festival of Thu Le village lasted until the end of the morning of the same day

Story and photos: Han Dang