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29/12/2019 - 20:53

Tinh Tam Lake will be renovated and embellished

The information was published at the press meeting of Hue Monuments Conservation Center about its activities in 2019 and major missions in 2020, held on December 27.

Introducing to tourists about Hue Heritage

In 2019, Hue Monuments Conservation Center implemented various activities, and achieved positive results in conserving and promoting the value of Hue’s cultural heritage. Disbursement volume reached over 99% of the plan; a total revenue of sightseeing tickets is higher than previous year, accounting for over VND 385 billion; attracting over 25 socialization-oriented service contracts at the sites of Hue monuments; moreover, many exhibitions were also taken place.

Along with the regular duties in conserving and promoting Hue’s cultural heritage values, in 2020, Hue Monuments Conservation Center will launch and implement many important activities for the 11th Hue Festival including Xa Tac Offering Ritual, Nam Giao Offering Ritual; Van hien Kinh ky Show; the closing ceremony of Hue Festival 2020; exhibitions on flowers, bonsai, calligraphy, treasures; as well as ‘Ao Dai with Hue Heritage’ Fashion Show…

Enhancing the effectiveness of tourism stimulus programs related to the complex of Hue monuments, Hue Monuments Conservation Center expects to complete the renovation and the embellishment of Tinh Tam Lake by the end of March 2020. Accordingly, Tinh Tam Lake will be renovated and embellished gradually to become an open-air area to organize not only outdoor exhibitions to introduce Hue cultures, but also a poetic destination for tourists and Hue residents.

By Dong Van