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19/04/2021 - 06:30

To turn Vong Canh hill into a tourist attraction

On the morning of April 17, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Phan Ngoc Tho and leaders of Hue City took an actual survey to the area of ​​ Vong Canh hill to make plans for appropriate exploitation, renovation, embellishment and management.

Perspective of Vong Canh hill after being embellished

According to Chairman of Hue city People's Committee Hoang Hai Minh, the project to renovate and embellish Vong Canh hill area has a total investment of about 13 billion VND, including the embellishment of urban environment and the creation of ecological landscapes and highlights for tourist attractions. Currently, the relevant agencies are planning and designing projects for early approval to conduct embellishment in the soonest time.

Through inspection and actual survey of Vong Canh hill area, Chairman Phan Ngoc Tho said that despite being a destination with beautiful natural scenery, this area has not been effectively exploited, and thus not really attractive. Some spots have not been exploited, managed and used appropriately.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a plan to renovate and embellish Vong Canh hill soon, on the basis of conserving, embellishing and promoting the ecological values ​​of the landscape here, turning Vong Canh hill into a classy tourist attraction to add more destinations to the list for locals and tourists.

The Chairman suggested the relevant agencies should have plans to embellish this entire area under the management of Hue Green Park Center, clear  encroached public land, repair and renovate the bunkers, making them service exploitation points. The Chairman also suggested embellishing landscapes by paving the paths, planting flowers and pine trees, arranging more benches, and tree-lining the pathway to the flower park, so that this area becomes a special highlight of Vong Canh hill. Special care is paid to the system of royal poinciana trees, with appropriate trimming and denser planting.

It is necessary to review the scope of Vong Canh hill area to study the expansion of Huong river bank in combination with the planning and construction of the pedestrian system by the riverside. The stairs are designed in harmony with the landscape to connect the top of the hill down withthe river bank. The road to Vong Canh hill is only for walking, motorbikes and cars are not allowed to enter; a smart bicycle station is set to synchronously deploy with smart bicycle station projects in the city to meet the demand of cycling tourism at Vong Canh Hill and its surrounding areas.

By Thai Binh