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27/09/2020 - 16:17

Tourist now can “check-in” Bach Tra Vien in “The Royal Bride V”

After finishing the filming process, on the afternoon of September 26, the film crew of “Gai Gia Lam chieu V” (The Royal Bride V”) gave the Bach Tra Vien garden in An Dinh Palace to Hue Monuments Conservation Center to turn this place into a visiting destination for tourists.

Bach Tra Vien garden. Photo: Provided by the film crew

Besides the backgrounds of the Imperial Palace and temples, Bach Tra Vien is one of the main scenes appearing throughout “The Royal Bride V” movie. Bach Tra Vien has been carefully planned for construction and decoration by the two directors Bao Nhan and Nam Cito for over 3 months.

The investment capital of this garden is over 2 billion VND with around 2.000 white camellia plants planted on a 500m2 area, behind the precinct of An Dinh Palace. Bach Tra Vien is not only planted with over 2.000 pots of white camellia, together with various Hue typical fruit trees including Thanh Tra pomelo trees, persimmon trees, Mandarin orange trees, and lemon trees, etc., but it is also set up with the fountain, goddess statues, and sophisticatedly-carved walls to make the highlights.

The combination of European and Asian classic architectures bring about unique colors to the garden, promising it to be an attractive highlight for visitors when they visit An Dinh Palace.

By Minh Hien