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26/10/2018 - 17:16

Training on trade promotion and consumption skills of agricultural products and specialities

As a part of the National Trade Promotion Program in 2018, on the morning of October 25, the Trade Promotion Center - Department of Industry and Trade organized a training course on "Trade promotion and consumption skills of agricultural products and specialities" for officials and employees doing trade promotion, marketing at clubs, business associations, enterprises and production facilities in the province.

Experiences in communication and trade promotion skills are shared with enterprises and production facilities.

The trainees are taught on trade promotion skills, communication skills and behavior towards customers; they are also taught on some skills and practical experiences when joining in connecting the consumption of agricultural products and specialities to help businesses and cooperatives take the initiative in communication skills, as well as introducing and promoting products to customers.

Through trade promotion activities, the enterprises and cooperatives grasp the demand for models and tastes of each field and market; at the same time, the demand for joining and connecting the consumption of products to market channels is also proposed.                                                                               

By Hoai Thuong