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28/12/2019 - 07:45

Travel bloggers love Hue

In recent years, a travel blogger (who specializes in writing travel diaries on the Web) has been seen as the trendy job for young people. With just a click, a tourist paradise of a country will open up from the way to destination, eating, drinking, sleeping, resting, and tourist attraction to a variety of information. Of course, Hue is also one of the destinations many travel bloggers love and choose to experience.

The job of tours

Travel bloggers are those who have an endless passion for travel. Their work is not confined to an office, but takes place throughout long journeys, even on trains and cars.

Known as a mischievous travel blogger, Quoc Cuong, a former tourism student at Dalat University, said, “Although studying for 4 years, I did not choose the job as a tour guide but fell in love with graphic design. At first, I worked for the company, but my wish was gradually no longer in a routine job. When more mature, I could turn myself into a freelancer (self-management career).”

Pham Quoc Cuong and his free, weather-beaten style

Starting travel, the young man has chosen his own direction. He focused on domestic trips, in addition to the mountainous and midland provinces of the North; almost every locality was imprinted with the travel-loving boy's footsteps. Cuong has also set foot on several Southeast Asian countries.

Considering his somewhat tough journeys from one place to another, we can see a positive soul, a novel perspective. He focuses on exploring the peculiar traits, exploiting the values ​​of human life

Learning customer management in London (UK), but on returning to Vietnam, the small girl was surprised because of being away from home for long. While struggling to find the way to adapt and get acquainted, the young woman decided to learn about the lands of her homeland. It is the "predestined relationship" between Minh Trang (often referred to as Trang Olive) and travel blogger.

Carrying your backpack and travelling does not mean that you will become a travel blogger, Trang Olive summarized, “There are 4 things a travel blogger needs: passion, enthusiasm, no fear of difficulties and constant eagerness for learning novel things". Trang Olive is fortunate to have the opportunity to explore many places in Vietnam. Many countries in Europe and Asia are also the places that she has visited.

Pham Quoc Cuong analyzed, “Passion is the endless fire of a travel blogger (and of course, every job requires it). The next is the time condition because the characteristics of the job are to travel a lot, experience a lot. Of course, a professional travel blogger will spend all the time "travelling" and profiting from writing reviews, experiences, publicizing products, services, events..."

Hue is on the return journey by Trang Olive. Photo: NVCC

Equally importantly, it is a travel blogger’s appearance. There is no need for a model’s standard build, but a travel blogger must be good-looking, robust and create positive energy to spread to others. In addition to appearance, the ability to take photos and adjust photos is also a great advantage.

A travel blogger must be both a model and a photographer. Additionally, he needs to have the ability to edit photos, write, write reviews, and share useful and positive information with his followers aside from countless other skills including clothing self-styling, make-up, travel planning, and service ordering...

Hue’s “perfume”

Pham Quoc Cuong has been to Hue twice. For this travel blogger with character, Hue is characterized by temples and mausoleums. This contributes to creating a deep and quiet Ancient Capital.

Impressed by the space of Hue, the travel blogger was especially fond of Hue people, he said, “One afternoon, I stopped by to eat tofu near Thien Mu Pagoda. The three stalls are close together, but whenever there are diners, no matter which stall they sit in, the female vendors also share the number of diners equally for sale. When I asked about this, the vendors said they helped each other. Everyone would have income. I felt great affection and respect for them. ”

Choosing a quiet and soul-stirring destination, Trang Olive visited historical sites, explored craft villages and listened to Hue people’s sharing. The girl with gentle beauty saw with her own eyes the way of making incense, nón lá (palm-leaf conical hats)...

"It was a great experience for me, a girl away from her native Vietnam for long," Minh Trang shared. The female travel blogger also sailed on the Perfume River to admire Hue City at dawn to enjoy the feeling of peace and depth in the soul. Perhaps that is why Hue was one of the destinations on the young girl's journey back to the homeland.

Trang Olive's thoughts about Hue are so sparkling and soothing, “Hue leaves Olive with simplicity and depth just like the love songs about this land. Hue desires to welcome those who have once arrived and sparkles in the nostalgia of the mind and sentiment. Such is one Hue with identity, one Perfume River flowing slowly. Hue becomes the passion in the words of poetry, in the stories of the people, in the peaceful moments of everyday life.” All those things are shared on the social networks with hundreds and thousands of likes.

Every travel blogger is a different color. Aside from an intense personality, he also has a loving, gentle charm. Yet upon arriving in Hue, Pham Quoc Cuong found calmness in harmony with mischievousness and strangeness. Trang Olive found the sameness, depth in the soul. Such is Hue: simplicity but unexpectedness and the hidden subtle source of energy.