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26/12/2019 - 14:57

Travel businesses survey a number of filming locations of the "Dreamy Eyes" movie

On December 25, the Provincial Department of Tourism and a number of travel businesses had a survey of some filming locations in the film "Dreamy Eyes" ("Mắt biếc") including the “lonely” tree, Phu Thuan Cooperative which was chosen as the setting for the scenes of Do Do Primary School, Quang Phu commune; the road where Ngan saw Tra Long off in Quang Tho commune, Quang Dien district; Bao Vinh ancient town, and Huong Tra town, etc.

Signboards with information to guide visitors will be installed from the beginning of the road to the “lonely” tree area

Mr. Tran Quang Hao, Director of Huetourist Company, said that the unit had surveyed and made the “lonely” tree in the film "Dreamy Eyes" an additional destination in the Hue - Ha Cang Village - Ru Cha – Chuon lagoon tour. "In the immediate future, the guides’ phone numbers, as well as the information of the “lonely” tree in Ha Cang village should be registered and shared on Google map," Mr. Hao shared.

In order to promote the destination and better serve visitors, the leader of Quang Phu commune said that the commune would protect the general landscape, and build a parking lot in the “lonely” tree area. According to Mr. Nguyen Quoc Viet, Vice Chairman of Quang Phu Commune People's Committee, in the immediate future, this Sunday, the Youth Union forces and the locals will clean the environment on the road leading to the “lonely” trees, plant flowers at the top of the road, and build back the shack under the tree.

Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh, Vice Chairman of Quang Dien District People's Committee, said that the district would coordinate with relevant units to restore the drinking stall in front of Phu Thuan Cooperative, which was the scenes of Do Do Primary School; launch bicycle rental services to take photos and tours; and install signboards to guide visitors to the destinations.

The Provincial Department of Tourism and the representatives of the travel agencies also provided some ideas on linking the tours, services, and products of craft villages, as well as other destinations within the area for the localities to consult and carry out.

Story and photo: Linh Tue