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02/03/2022 - 18:19

“Trinh and I” first MV released on the birthday of Trinh Cong Son

On the occasion of the 83rd birthday of Trinh Cong Son, the late musician, on February 28, the movie “Trinh and I” (Em và Trịnh) presented itself the MV “Crystal Sunshine” (Nắng thuỷ tinh) in the form of “stop motion” – the first of that kind in Vietnam.

MV “Crystal Sunshine is inspired by the love of Trinh Cong Son and Dao Anh. Photo: Galaxy

“Crystal Sunshine” is the first music video in Vietnam produced in the form of “stop motion animation”, implemented by the two creative teams: Decion and Tidu. About 2 minutes and 27 seconds long, the MV depicts a scene of a sunflower field, with a musician falling asleep in the sun, and then came a sweet voice resounding with a poetic verse: “The color of the sun or the color of your eyes…”. Inspired by the deep love of Dao Anh and Trinh Cong Son, the MV retains all the materials that made up their 37-year love story.

Stop motion technique provides a context that is no longer limited by time or space for a love story and a timeless love song, showing all the elements: truthfulness, novelty, meticulousness, youthfulness, similar to the vitality of Trinh music.

To create the musician and muse dolls, the teams Decion and Tidu spent 420 hours with 17 costume designs, 10 hair textures and 20 faces tested. It is easy to recognize two dolls designed quite similar to the images of Avin Lu as Trinh Cong Son and Hoang Ha as Dao Anh.

MV “Crystal Sunshine” is made by Galaxy Play and Shopee online shopping app.

By Minh Hien