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22/09/2019 - 11:17

Trinh Cong Son's family goes on a bike parade to express their love for Hue 

Three generations of the late talented musician Trinh Cong Son and their friends had a very meaningful afternoon when cycling through main roads of Hue city, where once attached to them.

Three generations of Trinh Cong Son's family cycling through their familiar routes of Hue

The cycling program took place on the afternoon of September 21st, within a series of events in response to Coupe de Hue 2019.

Family members of the late musician Trinh Cong Son, including his sister and grandchildren living in Vietnam and abroad, gathering in Hue city with their friends to cycle around the city’s main roads. The starting point was the park named after this talented musician and located next to Gia Hoi Bridge, on the bank of the Perfume River. From there, they cycled through the roads Tran Hung Dao, Truong Tien Bridge, Hoang Hoa Tham, Ly Thuong Kiet, Phan Chau Trinh, Nguyen Truong To, Nguyen Hue...

“This activity also helps calling our family members as well as local citizens to be aware of the importance of protecting the environment, the green city as well as Hue's activities in recent years”, shared Mr. Nguyen Trung Truc, brother-in-law of the late musician Trinh Cong Son.

Throughout the cycling tour, the Hue's vintage Vespa group also joined the delegation and made the afternoon more exciting.

Below are some photos of the cycling trip recorded by Hue News:

The starting point is also a park named after the talented musician on a bank of the Perfume River

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Anh Khoa – an organizer, is providing instructions to group members before departing

In addition to the elderly, middle-aged and young people, the group also includes young children of the later generation of Trinh family

Besides family members, there are many friends of Trinh Cong Son’s family participating in the parade

During the cycling tour, Hue's vintage Vespa also joins the group

Trinh Vinh Trinh, the younger sister of musician Trinh Cong Son, and her husband slowly cross Truong Tien Bridge

Foreign tourists are surprised and amused as they see the bicycle group riding through the central city routes

This cycling activity is one of the programs in response to the “Hue Green - Clean - Bright” project

The parade is passing Nguyen Truong To street

By Nhat Minh