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07/10/2022 - 11:17

Tunnels of Tri Thien Hue Party Committee - A place to keep historical values 

After nearly 2 years of construction, the renovation - embellishment of revolutionary historical relic of Tri Thien Hue Party Committee tunnels (also known as Khe Trai tunnels in Huong Van ward, Huong Tra town) has been completed. This work is about 25 km in the northwest direction from Hue City.

Panorama of the tunnels of Tri Thien Hue Party Committee

This is the headquarters of the Tri Thien Hue Party Committee, Hue City Party Committee; which directed all activities of the Liberation Army before and after the offensive on spring of 1968.

In addition to being the supreme headquarters of the battlefield of Tri Thien Hue, it was also a bridge connecting the strategic intentions of the Party Central Committee and the Ministry of National Defense.

The tunnels of the Party Committee were a type of headquarters of the 1968 Mau Than campaign Command, a type of an “organization” of the Military district, of the Provincial Party Committee and the City Party Committee. This work was built in the mountain and forest, making an important contribution to the historical victory in the spring of 1968, in which, Tri Thien Hue people were awarded 8 golden words: “Tấn công, nổi dậy, anh dũng, kiên cường” (attacking, revolting, fortitude and unyielding) by the Party and the State.

The tunnels include many works: Memorial stele house; the 3-door guard cellar with letter Y structure, located on the halfway of mount May Nha; signboards house to introduce monuments; pavilion for sightseeing; Hoang Cam kitchen; artillery field on the top of the mountain, etc. Around the tunnels, houses were built on both sides of the stream, scattered on the hillsides. The tunnels are about 70 meters long.

The Tunnels relic of Tri Thien Hue Party Committee was recognized by the State as a national monument in Decision No. 310/QDVH issued on February 13, 1996.

With the national tradition and ethic of “drinking water, remember its source”, the tunnels are funded by the State to renovate and embellish to deserve the historical value and stature of a national relic.

Crossing the lake surface of Huong Dien Hydropower Plant to enter the tunnels would become an attactive educational sight-seeing spot in combination with eco-tourism, serving domestic and international visitors.

The following are photos of the Tri Thien Hue Party Committee tunnels:

Khe Lui relic site - the place to show the way to the tunnels

The way to the tunnels

Visitors rest by Hoang Cam kitchen – the ideal place for panoramic views

Taking photos next to the memorial stele of the tunnel

The artillery battle field on the top of the mountain

Pier - the way to the tunnels

Door to the tunnels

Visiting the tunnels

Tunnel exit

Visiting the tunnels, visitors can experience eco-tourism on the lake surface of Huong Dien Hydropower Plant

By Bao Minh