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27/06/2022 - 16:34

Two consecutive records were set at Hue Festival 2022

Huda beer brand (Carlsberg Beer Vietnam Co., Ltd.) and the people of Central Vietnam successfully set two records in Vietnam and Asia at Hue Festival 2022 on the evening of June 26 at Phu Van Lau park.

Huda's representative receiving the record certificate

With the participation of more than 10,000 people from the central provinces and cities, after the moment of establishment with the programmable LED matrix system, the 1-kilometer-long banquet table which was assembled from 555 tables at Phu Van Lau park has been filled. Thereby, the new record-setting event organized by Huda beer brand received medals and certificates for 2 consecutive records: "The longest banquet table in Vietnam" and "The longest banquet table in Asia".

In the exciting atmosphere when setting 2 new records in a row, attendees enjoyed an art party from famous artists such as Den Vau, Khac Viet, Son Thach, Ngot Band, MC Hoang Rapper, DJ Trang Moon, etc., with interesting experiences such as taking pictures with Huda beer bottles at a height of 7m; participate in fun minigames such as opening the Huda cap to experience the Central region, the beach soccer challenge, the challenge to find the most beautiful beach in the Central region and making the draws with valuable gifts.

"From the attachment for more than 30 years, Huda will continue to contribute and accompany the Central region with meaningful cultural and social activities, prolonging the brand's efforts in contributing to enriching the spiritual life of the people here," shared Mr. Branimir Bratanov - Marketing Director of Carlsberg Vietnam.

By Han Dang