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28/01/2020 - 22:16

Two spots in Hue attract visitors after the premiere of the film "Dreamy Eyes"

As expected, the main spots that appear in the movie Dreamy Eyes, which is directed by Victor Vu, will be selected by many visitors on this Tet holiday. Local authorities, Tourism Services as well as travel agencies have made investments in these destinations.

Cultural official of Quang Phu Commune (Quang Dien) Tran Quang Hoanh said that: “The number of tourists flocking to the “lonely tree” has increased dramatically. Vehicles are parked all the way in. These tourists include those from different parts of the country. Local people have rebuilt refreshment vendors on the way to serve beverages, put more trash bins and signs in the “lonely tree” area, and put up wooden signboards.

After the movie premiere, realizing that this as an opportunity to promote potentials and destinations in the locality, the commune and the district have organized meetings and working sessions to invest and prepare to serve visitors when they come there.

For the house No. 66 located in Bao Vinh ancient town, Huong Vinh commune (Huong Tra town), the Department of Tourism and the travel agency have surveyed, worked and advised the host to bring tables, chairs and coffee sign board based on the font style in the movie.

The owner of “Dreamy Eyes” coffee shop, Mr. Nguyen Van Tue, said that after investing in redecorating the house - the place chosen as the house of Ha Lan’s aunt, he also displayed a red motorbike that appeared in the film and 2 pictures of the film crew given to him after designing the filming shot. Recently, the Department of Tourism has sent a movie poster signed by the director and the cast members to the shop.

Many couples visiting the “house of Ha Lan’s aunt” to have classic wedding photos

Mr. Tue’s wife, Ms. Hong Tam, said: “So far, the number of customers visiting the shop has been very crowded, even those from other provinces. People after watching the movie come to Hue to visit the “Dreamy Eyes” coffee shop to check-in the house and take pictures of the river bank where Ngan and Ha Lan had the conversation in the film.

Visitors are from all age groups, including people who are around 70 years old. At present, customers from other provinces coming to Hue alone or in group all try to visit the “house of Ha Lan’s aunt”. In the days before Tet, “Dreamy Eyes” coffee shop also welcomes some Asian and European guests to check in and explore the house.

A facebook account shared on his personal page that this is a poetic and meaningful destination in his journey to discover Hue. He went back to the “Dreamy Eyes” cafe in the evening to experience the living space here and it was really interesting!

According to Mr. Tran Quang Hao, the Director of Huetourist, this travel agency has put the “lonely tree” in Ha Cang village, Quang Phu commune, Quang Dien district and “Dreamy Eyes” coffee shop on half-day Hue discovery tour and “Tam Giang Water and Wave” on one-day tour. Every day there are Vietnamese visitors visiting them, mostly aged from 30 to 45 years old.

In addition, the agency has also posted the tour bill "The ‘Dreamy Eyes’ tree” on 4 OTA pages. This is an online tour site from Hong Kong, hundreds of thousands of people are watching and following every day.

Deputy Director of the Department of Tourism, Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc, said: “With the “Dreamy Eyes” effect after its premiere, a number of tourism products have been deployed including famous movie spots to serve the needs in Tet holiday and the upcoming Festival. In the plan to promote domestic and foreign tourism, the Department will show video clips related to the films shot in Hue in order to take advantage of the effects from the movies. "

Let’s take a look back on the embellished and invested destinations welcoming visitors in more than a month after the movie premiere:

Friendly wooden road signs are inserted at various positions for direction

The “lonely tree” now has the roof as in the movie. According to the owner of the refreshment vendor, Ms. Phan Thi Ty, the early morning and late afternoon are the most crowded times. Tourists also include foreign guests

A romantic scene for many youngsters to pose for photos

The refreshment vendor on the way to the “lonely tree” not only serves beverages but also guides and supports information research

The refreshment vendor at Do Do Primary School was also rebuilt by Quang Phu Commune for visitors to "check in"

"Dreamy Eyes" café at 66 Bao Vinh ancient town has welcomed many guests after setting up a fanpage. Victor Vu, the director, right after coming back to Hue, posted a picture of the cafe named after his movie, and the information was shared widely

The host decorated the interior, enlarged souvenir photos and hung the poster with the signatures of the actors. According to Mr. Nguyen Van Tue, in the near future, the coffee shop will have many other activities for visitors to interact and save the memories when visiting

The menu, furniture, music, etc., of the coffee shop are all based on the style of the movie “Dreamy Eyes”

Some foreign visitors visit the "Dreamy Eyes" coffee shop because of their curiosity or thanks to the recommendations from relatives and friends who are Vietnamese

Another view of the "Dreamy Eyes" cafe blending with the beauty of Bao Vinh ancient town at night.

Story: L. Tue; Photos: M. Mien, H. Tam