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12/01/2022 - 08:21

Two years, one relocation

From just a few original houses, currently Huong So resettlement area is no different from a busy and vibrant urban area in the heart of Hue City.

The high-rise buildings constructed spaciously and neatly along the square chessboard-shaped routes have changed many lives, opened the door to the future of the coming generations. This year, those residents celebrate the second New Year in the new land after being relocated from the areas of Thuong Thanh (Upper Citadel), Eo Bau, Ho Thanh hao (Citadel Protection Moat)... in the project "Relocation of residents, site clearance of the area I of Hue Imperial City monument”.

High-rise buildings in close proximity belong to Huong So residential area people relocated from Zone I of Hue Imperial City monument

Relocation from heritage land to new quarter

It is no longer strange that the residents who moved to Huong So almost keep pace with the rhythm of life in their new place, not away from the place where they relocated before. The fields that were once hastily aggraded now take shape; the buildings in close proximity connect from one route to another.

Following the straight, clean asphalt roads leading to the "core area" of the new residential area, we met again the residents who formerly lived in poverty in Thuong Thanh.

"I relocated here for two clear years. So fast!" said Mrs. Le Cuc, a resident from Thuong Thanh. This 74-year-old woman’s two-story building is spaciously built with all basic amenities, which she never thought of before when living in Thuong Thanh.

Before settling in this new land, Mrs. Cuc lived for decades in a house located far in a small alley leading to Thuong Thanh in Thuan Loc Ward, Hue City. It was an old, temporary house whose wall leant against the citadel. Therefore, her daily life was difficult. Aside from her, most of the residents then were all in the same boat.

It was not until Mrs. Cuc and many other people received the notice of land grant and resettlement support that they did not believe their ears. “I thought it was a notice; it probably took a long time to relocate. No one expected...," Mrs. Cuc recalled. Before long, a "speedy" migration was carried out. She drew lots to choose a lot and was supported in money to build a house… And today's house has changed the lives of Mrs. Cuc and the residents in the same boat.

Mrs. Cuc and many households, who relocated here, said that after two years, everything has basically returned to normal, from life to work. Despite a few obstacles caused by the pandemic, everyone is happy and satisfied, no longer having to worry about the dilapidation, rain and storm at the time when they temporarily lived on the monument land.

Ms. Le Diep, another householder living in Huong So residential area relocated from Thuong Thanh, said that two years passed in the blink of an eye. Not long ago, we moved, returned land to the monument; now our family can set our mind at rest in a solid house with a two-lane frontage.

“At a new place, everything is entirely new. Houses, roads are spacious with adequate utilities and essential services…” Ms. Diep hoped that the last householders of the relocation group will build houses to soon settle down and integrate with the community.

Towards a green, clean and bright residential area

Along the routes like a chessboard, houses spring up one after another, and quarters take shape. The quarters are interlinked and become a bustling urban area. The shops, cafes, and the previous livelihoods of the residents who lived in the monument area follow them to the new land.

“In the old days, I sold bread; now relocating here, I continue to sell bread for a living. I just wish to be healthy and have fun with my children and grandchildren," said Mrs. Cuc, still attached to her job to look after the whole family. But perhaps her greatest happiness is that this generation of children will not have to live in want in the future.

According to Hue City Management Board of Construction Investment Project, with the modern urban planning design, the residential houses are built in conformity with the model design for each street. This aims to form green, clean and bright residential areas.

Mr. Hoang Thien, Director of Hue City Management Board of Construction Investment Project, said that the technical infrastructure project of North Huong So residential area for the resettled people finalized the site clearance work in 7 areas, with a total land fund of 2,489 lots (including Huong So planning area in stage 4).

The remaining three areas were approved and disbursed; the area of agricultural land and graves were handed over to the investor. As for housing under the "turnkey" project for difficult households, Mr. Thien said currently, he is continuing to build 11 more houses, which were basically finalized, expected to hand over to the residents in the short run.

Mr. Dang Minh Thang, Deputy Director of Hue City Land Fund Development Center said so far, the unit has established procedures to implement the stage 2 of the project. The scale of the stage 2 is about 1,954 households with a total cost of up to 1,760 billion VND with the focus on Xa Tac Esplanade, Hoc Hai Lake, Kham Thien Giam, Xien Vo Tu, Luc Bo, the area adjacent to the Provincial Military Command at Mang Ca, the streets of Le Trung Dinh, Luong Y, Xuan 68.

According to Mr. Thang, the unit is coordinating with the relevant agencies to conduct an inventory and certify documents in order to transfer to Hue City Division of Natural Resources and Environment to appraise the conditions for compensation and support in land and property attached to land.

Story and photo: Nhat Minh