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31/05/2019 - 14:41

Typical organizations and individuals of the “Green Sunday” project to be rewarded on June 2

On the afternoon of May 30, the Office of the Provincial People's Committee said that on the morning of Sunday (June 2), the Provincial People's Committee would organize the activities of the Vietnam Sea and Island Week 2019, the Month of Action for the Environment in response to the World Oceans Day 2019, the World Environment Day 2019, and the “Green Sunday” project all over the province.

The group of the Office of the Provincial People's Council in coordination with the one of An Dong Ward People's Committee being launched to respond to the “Green Sunday” project

Accordingly, there will be many practical supporting activities at this event. Notably, there is a series of activities including sending off groups to come out to clean the environment, responding to the “Green Sunday” project in the whole province; rewarding organizations and individuals with outstanding achievements in implementing the “Green Sunday” project; launching a contest on innovations, and solutions to clean the environment, to produce environmentally friendly products to replace plastic and nylon products.

At the ceremony, the Organizing Committee will also invite the representatives of departments, agencies and localities to witness the commitment of deployment schedule of the activities within the movement of saying “no” to single-use plastic products, using environmentally friendly and decomposable products in supermarkets. At the same time, it will present awards to the symbolic alternative products being used to replace the single-use plastic products.

On this occasion, the Provincial People's Committee will announce the "Green-Clean-Bright" set of evaluation criteria at the level of commune, residential area / residential group / hamlet, village, agency headquarters and households, as well as the “Green Sunday” network.

Story and photo: Thai Son