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26/08/2019 - 09:34

Unique Rainbow waterfall 

In addition to the unspoiled and magnificent landscape together with the unforgettable experiences during the journey, people will not regret to see the unique scene with their own eyes when coming to A Ka waterfall (A2 hamlet, Huong Son commune, Nam Dong district).

This is the reason why A Ka waterfall is also called the Rainbow waterfall

It took around 7km to go from Khe Tre town to A2 hamlet, Huong Son commune. Then, tourists and local people will float on the boats towards the downstream of Ta Trach lake to A Ka waterfall.

On the 20-minute watery trip, after getting the chance to witness local people cultivating, producing, catching shrimps, fishes, etc., on the two sides of Ta Trach lake, the boats will take tourists to the magnificent landscape, making them overwhelmed by the primeval forests and upward cliffs naturally formed in various unique shapes.

Keeping passing plenty of stone mountains, the boats stop at a predetermined position, and tourists have to start a 10-minute walk to A Ka waterfall – which is called the Rainbow waterfall by local people, an ideal, unique and obscure destination.

A Ka waterfall is located among towering cliffs and covered by the unspoiled and bushy trees that shade the place from the sun. From above, the white stream flows down, forming a large lake with a big rock originally arranged by nature.

However, it is not everything about A Ka waterfall

Wallowing in the cool and azure water and enjoying the tranquil feeling, it is the time for non-stop admiration when tourists can both imagine and feel like touching the dispersion phenomenon, which is created when the sunlight refracts and is reflected through the water flowing down. It is also called the rainbow. This is the reason why A Ka waterfall is known as the Rainbow waterfall.

After the wonderful experiences under the unspoiled space, under the cool water and under the amazing natural phenomenon, the simple dishes served by local people such as grilled hill-chicken, spring fishes with creeper soup, or jungle vegetables, etc. These also make an unforgettable impression on those coming to A Ka waterfall.

Let’s explore the original scenes at A Ka waterfall with Thua Thien Hue Online:

It is required to travel by boats on Ta Trach lake to come to A Ka waterfall

This is also a memorable trip when tourists can witness, or participate in interesting activities

A 10-minute walk to A Ka waterfall is a journey experiencing the unspoiled and magnificent scenes

Amazing nature

Both enjoying the cool water and feeling like touching the rainbow

The tents are set up by local people to serve the demand for relaxation and cooking

While wallowing in the water, tourists can dive to catch the water products of Nam Dong mountainous area

Grilled hill-chicken is the indispensable specialty of the trip

With a “combo” of 500.000 VND per person, tourists can experience the all-in service from providing transportation, tour guide, to a meal full of mountainous specialties, and drinks made by local people

By Han Dang