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19/05/2022 - 08:45

Unique space of highland cuisine and handicraft products

On May 17, many specialties and cultural products of ethnic minorities in Nam Dong district were displayed at the front yard of Guol house - Culture and Information Office of Nam Dong district. The program is part of the series of events in the 14th provincial Culture, Sports and Tourism Festival of Ethnic minority groups in 2022.

Space introducing handicraft products and specialties of Nam Dong ethnic minority groups

In this space, many products, specialties and traditional handicrafts of ethnic minorities were displayed and introduced to tourists attending the festival; in which, agricultural products, vegetables, tubers, fruits and meat grown and processed by the ethnic minorities have received the tourists’ attention. People who joined the event had the opportunity to enjoy them on the spot, as well as buy them as a gift.

Also on this yard, a food festival was held with the competition of many delegations. They displayed a lot of traditional delicacies, sending visitors the culinary quintessence of their locality and ethnicity.

The following are some photos recorded by Thua Thien Hue Online:

Specialty meats are sold in the exhibition space

Together with many unique kinds of canned meat, grilled stream fish...

Many Nam Dong students come to the festival to visit the booths as soon as it opens

Students experience making traditional crafts

Vegetables, tubers, fruits, beans and rice... produced by Nam Dong people are displayed for sale


The festival is considered an opportunity for people to promote the value of agricultural products of Nam Dong

Next to the exhibition space is the culinary space, where the delegations compete with their local delicacies

Members of A Luoi delegation performing grilling chicken

Many delicacies are presented by the delegations to both promote their cuisine and invite visitors to enjoy 

By N. Minh