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11/04/2021 - 15:26

Unveiling of an ancient stone slab that read “Đoan Gia” in the Imperial Citadel

The Hue Monuments Conservation Center has just discovered an ancient stone slab that read Đoan Gia Môn, which means Đoan Gia Gate, indicating one of the entrances to the Lục Viện area (or the Six Residence Halls) in the Forbidden City of Hue Imperial Citadel.

Once discovered, this relic is considered of great value and has been transferred to Hue Museum of Royal Antiquities for protection and further research on the life and subdivision within the Six Residence Halls, contributing to the preservation work of the Six Residence Halls area in the future.

Under the Nguyen Emperors, the Six Residence Halls were built to accommodate the concubines in the Forbidden City. In the history of the Nguyen Dynasty, the “Six Residence Halls” could change in number, as under the reign of Emperor Thieu Tri, there were 11 residence halls and 1 palace in total.

By Minh Hien